Welcome to the home page for the 2024 (NOF) Walnut ***ASYNCHRONOUS*** Video Tournament tournament hosted by National Online Forensics on Mar 18-24, 2024 for Various students.

Status: Tournament Completed

 2023-2024 Regular Season 

Tournaments Invitation

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Dear Forensics Community,


We are excited to welcome you to our 2023-2024 Regular Season online tournaments. These monthly synchronous and asynchronous  tournaments are a great way to prepare your competitors for Nationals & afford extra rounds to competitors on your team. A condensed three preliminary and one final round schedule ensures competitors get the practice they need without the hassle of waiting around all day for rounds. Save money with $0 travel costs. Run by experienced tournament directors, these tournaments are sure to be some of the best online tournaments your competitors attend all year.


The tournaments will offer competition at all levels, from kindergarten to college, in a wide range of events. We have the very best qualified tournament staff assembled to ensure a smooth day of fun competition.  Winners will receive Bronze/Silver/Gold medals.


Key Points:

  • Each school is required to provide one judge for every 5 entries. At the discretion of the Tournament Director, uncovered entries may be allowed but penalty fees will apply. 

  • A complete list of NOF rules can be found here.


We hope you and your team can join us throughout the season.  If you have any questions please feel free to email us at info@nationalonlineforensics.org 



Robert Cannon & Danny Cantrell

National Online Forensics


 Asynchronous Videos Due By: 

Birch Async 

September 18, 2023


Oak Async

October 23, 2023


Elm Async

November 20, 2023


Pine Async

December 18, 2023


Palm Async

January 22, 2024


Cherry Async

February 19, 2024


Walnut Async

March 18, 2024


Maple Async

April 22, 2024




Registration & Video Links due

Monday 6pm

Preliminary Round   Ballots Due

Thursday 6pm

Elimination Round  Ballots Due

Sunday  6pm

Awards Announced

Monday 6pm 


Events Offered:

Elementary Events:

Info, Persuasive, Assigned Platform, Declamation, Prose, Poetry, Duo, Storytelling, Impromptu, Async Debate, Async Congress, NOF MockTrial

High School Events: 

Info, Persuasive, STE, Assigned Platform, Declamation, Original Interp, Poetry, Prose, POI, Storytelling,  Duo, Drama, HI, Extemp, Impromptu, Async Debate, Async Congress, NOF MockTrial

College Events

Info, Persuasive, STE, CA, Assigned Platform, Drama, Poetry, Prose, POI, Duo, Extemp, Impromptu, Async Debate, Async Congress, NOF MockTrial

Middle School Events:

Info, Persuasive, STE, Assigned Platform, Declamation, Poetry, Prose, POI, Duo, Storytelling, Drama, HI, Extemp, Impromptu, Async Debate, Async Congress, NOF MockTrial

  • Competitors may enter as many events as they would like! 

  • In the event of small entry sizes, we may need to collapse events within their event category (so interp events collapse to an “interp” event).



All Events


  • Three prelims will be held; one final round will be held, unless the number of entries exceeds 30 per event, in which case, a second elimination round will be added.

  • 1 Judge is required for every 5 entries

  • Prelim Ranking: Ranks/Decimal/Drop High Rank  

  • Elim Ranking: Total Rank/# of 1st in Event/Rank in Elim/Decimal in Elim/Judge Pref in Elim

  • Speaker Points will not be used.

  • Competitors will be recognized with Gold, Silver, and Bronze awards. See NOF Bylaws for awards information.

  • See the NOF Bylaws for more information about NOF events.


Sweepstakes Points

Event Type

1-30 entries

31-60 entries

> 61 entries

All Events 


Gold = 10 points

Silver = 7.5 Points

Bronze = 5 points

Gold = 12.5 points

Silver = 10 Points

Bronze = 7.5 points

Gold = 15 points

Silver = 12.5 Points

Bronze = 10 points

Honors = 5 points


  • School Fee: $30

  • Single-person Event Entries: $25/entry

  • Two-person Event Entries: $40/entry

  • Changes after entry deadline - $25 per change (subject to tournament director approval)

  • Judge drops within 24 hours of the tournament will be charged a $150 judge no-show fee.  

  • Judges who submit incomplete eBallots (with little to no substantive feedback) may be charged a judge no-show fee for failing to complete their judge assignment which includes both ranking the speakers along with giving sufficient comments.

  • Judges: First Missed Ballot - $25 / Subsequent Missed Ballots - $50

  • Uncovered Slot (with Tournament Director Approval): $30/slot

  • Delay of tournament fees may be assessed from $20-$100 based on the severity of the delay.


  • Sat 02/17/24 6:00 pm
    Start registration (schools can begin registering competitors and judges)
  • Thu 03/14/24 6:00 pm
    Drops only (no new entries or changes allowed)
  • Fri 03/15/24 6:00 pm
    Close registration (schools can not edit their registration)

Judge Interest Signups
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