Making Tournament Administration a breeze! (FTN) hosted it's first tournament back in 2006. Designed by two experienced Tournament Tab directors, Erick Roebuck and Danny Cantrell, the site was created to save time and effort.

Over the past fifteen years, the site has hosted over 3,300 tournaments offering web registration, tournament management (sectioning, tabbing, results) and result postings.

Save Time

FTN was designed from the very beginning to save coaches time registering for tournaments and directors time administering tournaments. Avoid countless sending emails with changes - just make them on the site.


Avoid errors in registration and in tab - FTN checks and double checks to make sure everything is accurate. All the data is in one place.


FTN is run by current, active forensics coaches who administer many tournaments throughout the season using the site. If there are features that would help make the site more effective, please don't hestitate to ask for it to be added to the site.


FTN led the field when everything went online in Spring 2020 quickly rolling out ePostings, eBallots, and an inexpensive (free!) easy to use video conferencing software fully integrated in the site. Learn more about online on our resources page.


Make it easy for coaches to contact you through the website. Send out reminder emails to all coaches registered for the tournament. Post results with a click of a button.

Accept Payments

You can now accept credit card payments from schools directly on FTN. Add custom charges or refunds. Once your tournament is over, we'll send you a check with 5-7 business days.

Save Money

FTN has a simple and low-cost fee structure - we charge tournament directors $5 per school that registers for the tournament. One flat fee to use the registration, tabulation, and posting of results features. Coaches registering for tournaments pay nothing to create accounts and register their students. A 20 school tournament will cost you only $100 to use the entire website.

The Team

Picture of Danny Cantrell
Danny Cantrell Creator, Coding

Danny Cantrell is Director of Debate at Mt. San Antonio College in Southern California. He has been actively coaching college forensics since 2003. He helped create ForensicsTournament and EverythingTab. Additionally, he has created two apps (BigBen Timer and Impromptu Shuffle). Danny is married to his one-time debate partner and has four children.