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We offer web-based registration and tournament tab management for tournaments at all levels from college to elementary school; from in-person to online to async tournaments; to IE only, debate only, full-service, etc; we can help make your tournament a success.

Interested in online tournaments? has developed the easiest solution using video conferencing solution that requires no software downloads, no accounts, no passwords, and no extra work by tournament directors. We have run over 200 successful online tournaments since March 2020.

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2022 YODL #1 '22 (Alaska) on Sep 30-1 2022 Golden Gate Season Opener (Tournament 1 of 2) (San Francisco Forensics Collective @ SFSU) on Sep 30-1 2022 Revival of the Bulldog Debates (Union University) on Sep 30-2 2022 SCJFL Quarter 1 Elementary Speech and Debate Competition - In-person (Roosevelt Elementary) on Oct 1 2022 PSCFA Warm-Up (El Camino College) on Oct 1-2 2022 Golden Gate Season Opener (Tournament 2 of 2) (San Francisco Forensics Collective @ SFSU) on Oct 2 2022 Derryberry Season Opener (Southwest Baptist University) on Oct 7-8 2022 Norene Hokett Invitational (California Baptist University) on Oct 8 2022 Riverfest Swing (Park University) on Oct 14-16 2022 Biggest Little City Classic (University of Nevada, Reno) on Oct 14-16 2022 KAIAC Forensics - Speech and Debate (Seoul International School) on Oct 14-15 2022 M. Jack Parker Debate Invitational (Northern Illinois University) on Oct 14 2022 LaTech Hot & Spicy Tournament (in person) (Louisiana Tech University) on Oct 14-16 2022 Riverfest Swing (Park University and Ottawa University (Kansas)) on Oct 14-16 2022 Crystal Clear Forensics Reception (McHenry County College) on Oct 15 2022 NOF Quarter #1 (NOF) on Oct 15 2022 Missouri Mule (The University of Central Missouri) on Oct 21-22 2022 Sunset Cliffs Classic (Pt Loma) on Oct 21-23 2022 SCJFL Quarter 1 Middle School Speech Only Competition - The Wolpert-Gawron Invitational - In-Person (Jefferson Middle School) on Oct 21 2022 Online Fall Classic (Professional Speech and Debate Association) on Oct 22-23

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Trusted by Tournament Directors since 2006 has been vital for us to sustain our Speech, Debate program during COVID. Before the first virtual tournament, none of the students/parents were confident the online tournament could work. But it was quickly proven that not only it works but also it increases access. In Spring and Summer 2020, we have attended 7+ online tournaments and 3 internal tournaments. All of them worked flawlessly. The participation increased 20+% over last year and more importantly it made possible for us to host our internal tournament. Thank you Danny and the entire team for making it happen!
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Wei Wang, Executive Director, QD Learning was WONDERFUL!!!! This program is a dream! When we have had questions, they have been answered quickly and thoroughly.
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Katie Haynes, Forensics Coach, Toppenish High School

I went into online tournaments kicking and screaming. I has made that process FUN. I was so thrilled when I saw how effective seamlessly integrated with 8x8. I’ve run a lot of tournaments in my life and this tournament was is the most seamless ever! The staff at FTN is incredibly responsive. Thanks!
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Jeff Przybylo, Director of Forensics, Harper College