Welcome to the home page for the 2024 Talk Hawk Invitational, 16th Annual - Livermore, CA tournament hosted by Las Positas College on Feb 2-4, 2024 for College students.

Status: Tournament Completed

2024 Talk Hawk Invitational - Carnival Jamboree

Please visit frequently to gather more information & updates as they become available. Things You Need to Know Right Now:

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Welcome Message.


Want to Impress a Middle Schooler?


NPDA Prep Rooms. 

DVC  1873

Delta 1871

UOP 1872


Topic Announce will occur outside between  the 1800 and 1850 Buildings 

NPDA Topics

R1 - The United States Federal Government should pass The Fans First Act.

R2 - The United States Federal Government should ban the import, sale, and use of fireworks.

R3 - The International Maritime Organization should significantly increase regulation of cruise ships.

R4 - The Consumer Product Safety Commission should significantly restrict the operation of traveling carnival parks.

R5 - The benefits of hosting major music festivals outweigh the potential disruptions.

E1: The United States Federal government should attempt to grab the golden ring.


IE Warm Up Rooms. 

Butte  1001

COD. 1002

Chico. 1003

Clovis  1004

Contra Costa. 1007

DVC  1008

Fresno 4213

LPC  4211

Modesto 1052

Mt. SAC 1053

Ohlone/SJSU 1056

SFSU 1057

Delta 1058

SRJC 1059

Solano 1054

Tallahassee 1060

UOP 4212

Skyline 21103

Davis 21104

Chabot 1051

ISU 21107

Sac State 21111

Berkeley 21110

Parking. Free Parking will be free in Lots A and B. (West side of campus at the bottom of the hill). Head-in parking only.

Registration. Registration will take place on the 1st floor of the 1000 Building at the bottom of the staircase.  There are two, so if there's nobody at the bottom of one, look for the other. 

Weather. We will be experiencing some rainy weather so please prepare accordingly.

Campus Mapwww.laspositascollege.edu/assets/docs/LPC-Campus-Map.pdf - Free parking in LOT A and LOT B.   Registration and Judges Room in Building 1000.

Food - In Lobby area of Building 1000.  Unlike past years, Las Positas College does not have the necessary staff to keep the cafeteria open on Saturday and Sunday for lunch (it will be open for lunch on Friday thgoug).    While the tournament hosts will provide grab-n-go snacks, coffee and water througout the day, full meals (breakfasts, lunches or dinners) will not be provided.  A quick google search will identify local establishments, but they all require a drive.   Please plan accordingly for a team runner who can do a food run if needed.

Fun Events for Saturday and Sunday. The Talk Hawks have been working hard to provide an amazing experience for everyone. Some activities planned include cornhole, tarot card readings, balloon animals, and other carnival games between rounds.

Impress a Middle Schooler. We will also be having a contest “Impress a Middle Schooler.” There will be a panel of middle schoolers to judge contestants on their talent. Think of it like America’s got Talent…but for middle schoolers. Talents should not go longer than 4 minutes. Signups will happen at the tournament and take place on Sunday before the awards ceremony.

Invitation.  Check out our attached documents on this FTN tournament splash page for further tournament and campus information.  

Questions?   Please feel free to contact Tim Heisler (209) 765-7260 theisler@laspositascollege, Natalie Kellner (925) 759-8449 nkellner@laspositascollege.edu or Jim Dobson (510) 384-9525 jdobson@laspositascollege.edu and we will be happy to come up with some answers for you!