Welcome to the home page for the 2020 RAFL Minute to Win It Practice Rounds tournament hosted by RAFL on Oct 21, 2020 for College students.

Status: Tournament Completed

Judge Lounge: https://8x8.vc/JudgeLounge
Judges can hang out in this room and chat.  For future tournaments, standby judges will wait in this room.
Judges Can test out a sample ballot.  Click "eballots" to the left.  Click on "Try out a sample eBallot ahead of time."

Judge Standby Room: http://8x8/RAFL1standbyjudgeroom

Ext/IPDA Prep: https://8x8.vc/RAFLPREP
Students should report to this room at the designated prep times.
Extemp Prep  Jeff R 773-802-2658
IPDA Prep Harry 630-743-1973

Help Room: https://8x8.vc/RAFL1Help 
Students/Coaches/Judges can drop into this room for help.
When Coaches "Arrive" at the tournament check in here.
Text John 773-3182460, Jeff 847-567-2512, Tim 217-549-1970 or Kacy 630-901-6900

TABLET USERS may want to use the "8x8 Meet" App

"POSTINGS" left of here will provide updated schematics.  Room and Ballot Links will be emailed to judges, students, and coaches 15 minutes before rounds.

OBSERVERS-  Once emails (postings/rounds) go out, students can share their room-link with teammates.  Observers are welcome to observe.  Mics off, please.

Private Messages- Please do not PM in the 8x8 rooms during speeches

Email-v-Text-- We have found that it's better to mark each of your judges and students as receiving their ballots through email instead of text.  You can make these choices on your student roster and judge roster.

Empty Room-  If you or one of your students is sitting in an empty 8 x 8 room something is wrong. Have them jump into the health room

----Invitation Below----

2020 RAFL #1 “Minute to Win It” Practice Rounds

Wednesday-- October 21, 2020 7:00pm-9:30pm

The RAFL Tournaments Invite is HERE This invite is for reference only. RAFL Number 2 is Oct 23-24 and requires separate registration.


The goal of RAFL#1 is to learn the FTN and 8x8 systems. Once in the round, each student will perform one minute of any event they are working on. Judges will provide a rank and a comment or two. Ranks and notes are purely experimental. This will allow judges to practice filling out eballots, coaches to see what online comments/tabs look like, and students to get a feel for the 8x8 virtual environment.


Registration due Monday Oct 19, 5pm
Drops/Changes due Tuesday Oct 20, 5pm
Please, no changes after 10/20. If you Must Make changes after 10/20 5pm, email
rafl.tournaments@gmail.com and make sure you get a reply.

2020-21 RAFL Tournament Staff

John Nash- Tournament Director
Tim Anderson- Region IV Governor, Awards, and Accounting
Kacy Ablen- IPDA
Jeff Przybylo- Judges
Jeff Rieck - Extemp Prep
Harry Bodell- IPDA Common Draw/strike & IMP Topic Distribution
Host Schools- LP Prompts, fun, “judge lounge”, opening video, awards assembly/postings, more TBD...


Judge Ballots and Competitor assignment/rooms/order will be emailed or
texted. Students/judges/coaches need to monitor their registered email/text throughout the tournaments. YOU must set the email or text preference for each student/judge. 
Student’s emails/phone-text need to be provided on forensicstournament.net at the time of registration. Please make sure the email/phone is correct AND is the email your students, coaches and judges will be using and have access to throughout the tournament.


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Students may enter one event. They will “perform” 3 times. They may perform a different minute each round. The focus for this event is process not product.


Each round of 5 students should take less than 15 minutes.

Schedule Round 1

Prep 7:15 PM Round 7:30 PM

Round 2

Prep 8:00 PM Round 8:15 PM

Round 3

Prep 8:45 PM Round 9:00 PM


Please ignore the fees. These are set for tab practice purposes only. This tournament is free to all schools.


No double entries will be allow for this practice tournament. At future RAFL tournaments, if students are DE they will receive separate emails for each event. They can sign in (chat) in one room and move on to the other just like a F2F tournament. Students should be aware that when joining the second room That they may be enterIng during a performance. Make sure mics are muted to avoid disturbing that performance.

Judge Requirements

Enter any judges that would like to do a practice round or two

Before the Tournament, have your students, coaches and judges:

1. Playaroundwiththe8X8SandboxRoomhttps://8x8.vc/RAFLsandbox1 Check various browsers for the most effective interactions with 8 X 8 and forensics tournament.net - There is also an 8x8 APP that students should experiment with. Have multiple students go into the room to get a “feel” for the environment.

2. Make sure you registered your student’s emails/phone-text. On your roster verify the emails and phones of all students and judges.  You will see the button.

3. Have students, coaches and judges check their bandwidth (www.speedof.me will help people check bandwidth). The recommended specs are: Minimum 2mpbs upload and 6mpbs download.

4. Set up a Team Zoom Room. This is a space where your team can warm up and gather between rounds. If you would like an 8x8 room set up for you, let us know.


Links to the “Guides” For Judges, Coaches, and Competitors can be found here


  • Mon 10/19/20 5:00 pm Central
    Start registration (schools can begin registering competitors and judges)
  • Tue 10/20/20 5:00 pm Central
    Limit adds, changes, drops to existing schools only (no new schools can register)


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