E. Open Parli Speaker Prompts

10:45am Pacific: Parli Round 1

  1. Speaker 1

    Transparency is necessary for security.

    Decoupling from China would be desirable.

    The USFG should cut ties with Saudi Arabia.

    The USFG should significantly reform the tax code.

    The USFG should rebuild a broken fence.

3:30pm Pacific: Parli Round 2

  1. Speaker 1

    Medicaid expansion is a band-aide solution.

    Voter suppression is more a state issue than a federal one.

    Public college should be tuition-free.

    The US should withdraw its military forces from Afghanistan now.

    We should go the extra mile.

10:00am Pacific: Parli Round 3

  1. Speaker 1

    Cancel culture is a necessary evil.

    Violence is a justified response to oppression.

    Mandatory minimum sentencing should be eliminated.

    The US should send more aid to Central American governments to stop migration.

    We should find a new dance partner.

4:15pm Pacific: Parli Round 4

  1. Speaker 1

    Zoos have outlived their usefulness.

    American military intervention has done more harm than good.

    The USFG should grant statehood to Puerto Rico.

    There ought to be a law enforcing universal background checks for gun purchases.

    We are walking on thin ice.

12:30pm Pacific: Parli Round 5

  1. Speaker 1

    The national debt is a looming crisis.

    The 2nd Amendment has outlived its usefulness.

    The USFG should forgive student debt.

    The USFG should substantially increase mental health services for persons living in the United States.

    The United States should mind its own business.

8:00am Pacific: Parli Round 6

  1. Speaker 1

    Offering a high school vocational education track would be desirable.

    Joe Manchin is a bigger threat to the Democrat’s agenda than Mitch McConnell.

    USFG should increase focus on nuclear energy for generating electricity.

    Major sports leagues should increase penalties for players charged with illegal activity.

    Collect the water while it rains.

5:00pm Pacific: Parli Semis

  1. Speaker 1

    Packing the Supreme Court would do more harm than good.

    This house believes farm subsidies create more harm than good.

    The USFG should establish an ocean policy substantially increasing protection of marine natural resources.

    USFG should provide free preschool for all children.

    Life is a highway.

10:00am Pacific: Parli Finals

  1. Speaker 1

    Defunding the police would do more harm than good.

    When considering individual rights, capitalism is superior to socialism.

    The filibuster should be abolished.

    The USFG should mandate the COVID-19 vaccine for public employees and school children.

    We should stir the pot.