Welcome to the home page for the 2021 Phi Rho Pi National Championship tournament hosted by Space on Apr 6-11, 2021 for College students.

Status: Tournament Completed

2021 Awards SlideShow


Welcome Video

PRP2021 Orientation for Students Judges and Coaches

PRP Debate Info and Time Signals

Flight Procedures in Space

Here is the video to guide students and coaches through dropped connection and dropped Internet.



Awards Ceremony - Sunday the 11th, 11:00 AM Pacific

View the Live Stream here: https://youtu.be/_CyiFsDdNIE‚Äč


Click the link below to watch video on Judging Extemp & Impromptu 

 Instructions for Judging Extemp & Impromptu


Extemp Prep

Extemp Prep Room

Students should report to this room at the designated prep times.


Duo Waiting Room
Waiting Room


Help Room

Students/Coaches/Judges can drop into this room for help.
Text or call for HELP 

Francesca Bishop 310-621-7792
Nathan Carter 703-826-1010

Angelica Grigsby 

Jeff Przybylo 847-567-2512


Ombuds Room                                



Judges' Lounge                    



Students' Lounge                   




Phi Rho Pi Brochure and Online Procedures and Guidelines

are located to the right side of the screen under documents.


Sample Ballot

Try out a sample eBallot ahead of time. 


Team Room

You can create your own room. Begin with    https://8x8.vc/
Add Your team name bestschoolever
Add a 10 digit random number


This room will be live to use for your warmups and such.

It is that easy.  The room will be live for you to use for the entire tournament.

Contact a member of the tab staff if you need help.



Click this link if you would like to nominate a person for a Phi Rho Pi Service Award

If you would like to make nomination for Phi Rho Pi officer positions - please click link below:

Nomination for Vice President for Tournament

Nomination for Vice President for Association

Nomination for Secretary - Treasurer 


Please share with students, judges, and coaches.


Look Over These Guideshttps://forensicstournament.net/online


If you are having Connection Issues

1. Use a different browser (Firefox and Chrome work best).  Make sure you are in ONE room at a time.

2. Reboot your computer

3. Make sure your mic, camera, and speaker settings are operational

4. If you are using a tablet or phone us the 8x8meet APP instead of a browser

5. Test your internet.  You need a minimum of 6mbps. https://www.speedtest.net

6.  Seek help in the help room



Tablet Users may want to use the "8x8 Meet" App.  When possible, PC/Laptops will be more effective than tablets and phones. However, if you have unstable internet at any point the "8x8 Meet" App is a great alternative.

"POSTINGS" are left of here.  Room and Ballot Links will be emailed to judges, students, and coaches 15 minutes before rounds. 


Private Messages- Students, please do not PM with each other in the 8x8 rooms during speeches.


Email-v-Text-- We have found that it's better to mark each of your judges and students as receiving their ballots through email instead of text.  You can make these choices on your student roster and judge roster.


Empty Room- If you or one of your students is sitting ALONE AND ONTIME in an empty 8 x 8 room something is wrong. Jump into the help room.


C. Open NFA-LD as of 3/30/21 noon

# School Competitor(s)
1 Miami Dade College Maria Corredor
2 Miami Dade College Sebastian Martinez
3 Kansas City Kansas Community College Nathan Newby
4 El Camino College Cameron Courter
5 El Camino College Jared Hipsher
6 El Camino College Melissa Qin
7 El Camino College Ashley Yoon
8 El Camino College Elana Ho
9 El Camino College Komal Kaur
10 Oakton Community College Luis Toro
11 Diablo Valley College Brenna Seiersen
12 Diablo Valley College Richa Prabhakar
13 Diablo Valley College Tanya Prabhakar
14 Diablo Valley College Tristan Keene
15 Diablo Valley College Christopher Cassin


Judges Meeting: 2pm Pacific Time April 5th -



Opening Ceremony - Monday the 5th, 5:30 PM Pacific

View the Live Stream here: https://youtu.be/iTbloB4zF9Q


Hired/Volunteer Judge – If you are interested in applying to be a hired/volunteer judge please fill out this form:

Click here to apply


Original Entry must be submitted by Sunday, March 21, 2021.

Please log on Monday, April 5th between 3pm and 5pm Pacific Time to confirm your entry.

Registration Room Link


Title IX Training

Phi Rho Pi does not tolerate any behaviors which constitute sexual harassment. In order to protect the safety of all participants, everyone who attends the National Tournament should undergo Title IX/sexual harassment training as mandated by their home institution. All participants, judges, students, staff, and coaches must engage in Title IX training between August 1, 2020 and April 5, 2021.

The preferred option for training is that program’s make use of appropriate offices on a school’s home campus. Once complete, proof of completion forms should be submitted at registration.

Student Verification

Verification of each student’s credit-unit eligibility must be certified by the records officer of a college entering the National Tournament. This eligibility verification should be sent via email to phirhopiboard@gmail.com prior to 3pm on Monday, April 5th. A PDF version of the form can be found to the right of the screen. 

  • Mon 03/29/21 8:00 pm Pacific
    Close registration (schools can not edit their registration)


Judge Philosophies