B. Open Extemp Speaker Prompts

8:00am Pacific: Prose-STE-Ext Round 1

  1. Speaker 1

    • Should President Biden use an executive order to ban assault weapons?
    • What would a bipartisan infrastructure package look like?
    • Will immigration be the most pivotal issue in the 2022 midterm elections?
  2. Speaker 2

    • What should be done to stabilize the United States Postal Service? 
    • Is the multimillion-dollar payment to George Floyd’s family justified or problematic?
    • How can President Biden achieve bipartisan cooperation between the Democrats and the Republicans?
  3. Speaker 3

    • What would be the best long term approach for the Democrats in addressing the filibuster?
    • Does the confirmation of Deb Haaland as the 1st Native American Interior Secretary create unrealistic expectations for her to address issues facing Native Americans?
    • What should be done about the surge of unaccompanied children at the U. S. border?
  4. Speaker 4

    • What are the greatest barriers President Biden faces with his infrastructure package?
    • Should Congress revoke the NCAA’s antitrust exemption?
    • What actions should the Biden administration take to address the growing violence against the AAPI community?
  5. Speaker 5

    • How can the Democrat party best circumvent the influence of Sen. Joe Manchin when it comes to passing legislation?
    • Are groups like the Proud Boys and Antifa a threat to democracy, or a part of it?
    • What will it take for the Equal Rights Amendment to finally become law?
  6. Speaker 6

    • Will Mitch McConnell be able to blunt the influence of Trumpism on his party before the 2022 midterms?
    • Will Vaccine Passports be able survive the inevitable legal challenges?
    • Will the trial of Derek Chauvin exacerbate racial tensions in America?

1:45pm Pacific: Pro-STE-Ext Round 2

  1. Speaker 1

    • Should we reverse the SALT tax limit?
    • To what extent is stagflation a risk for the US economy?
    • Should the government be bailing out failing pension plans?
  2. Speaker 2

    • Is the new child tax credit a conservative dream fulfilled?
    • Should we expect a strong economic recovery in the US this summer?
    • What impact will the US stimulus have on international economic recovery?
  3. Speaker 3

    • Is now the right time for tax increases on businesses?
    • Should US lawmakers be concerned about the steadily increasing US federal deficit?
    • Does the stimulus pose a significant risk of inflation?
  4. Speaker 4

    • Whose approach to taxes is the better recipe for economic prosperity: Biden or the GOP?
    • Is the new jobs report a light at the end of the tunnel?
    • Is the $1,400 stimulus payment a boom or a bust?
  5. Speaker 5

    • Is Treasury Secretary Yellen’s push for a global minimum tax the right idea to pay for Biden’s plans?
    • Are fears of an overheated economy warranted at this time?
    • Why has there been a billionaire boom in America during the past year?
  6. Speaker 6

    • Is a mileage tax a good idea?
    • Are Vaccine Passports critical for a return of the tourism economy?
    • Which sectors would benefit the most from the passage of Biden’s Infrastructure plan?

11:15am Pacific: Pro-STE-EXT Round 3

  1. Speaker 1

    • Should the West back Turkey’s plan for Syria?
    • How can Mexico win its battle against organized crime?
    • Is there a path to peace between the Ethiopian government and Ethiopia People’s Liberation Front?
  2. Speaker 2

    • What should be done to address China’s treatment of its Uygur population?
    • What went wrong with the UK’s quarantine system?
    • Can dissident artwork provide a means to undermine national security in Hong Kong?
  3. Speaker 3

    • What should be done to stop the kidnapping of schoolchildren in Nigeria?
    • What has been the biggest cause of Brazil’s failure to handle the Covid19 response?
    • In light of the recent economic unrest, what is the future of Tunisia’s democracy?
  4. Speaker 4

    • What will it take for democracy to be brought back to Myanmar?
    • Will Mexico’s new energy law be successful?
    • How promising is Africa’s new Free Trade Area?
  5. Speaker 5

    • What should be done to help Yemen people survive the famine?
    • How will Libya’s instability effect neighboring countries?
    • How can Brazil’s economy be saved?
  6. Speaker 6

    • Will growing protests in Russia pose a legitimate threat to the Putin regime?
    • Are international sanctions against Iran working?
    • How does Canada’s carbon price ruling effect the fight against climate change?

3:30pm Pacific: Pro-STE-Ext Semis

  1. Speaker 1

    • Should the Biden administration seek to break vaccine patents?
    • Are fears of a rapid US recovery fueling fissures in the global economy warranted?
    • Should the U.S. suspend security aid to Honduras?
  2. Speaker 2

    • How should US schools approach science denialism?
    • Should we be heeding Larry Summers warnings about Biden’s economic plans?
    • How should the Biden administration respond to recent North Korean aggression? 
  3. Speaker 3

    • What effect will Biden’s deprioritizing of gun control have on his administration?
    • Is foreign capital flight a significant factor in slowing the economic recovery of the poorer nations?
    • What should the US do to counteract Beijing’s growing ‘Alliance of Autocracies’?
  4. Speaker 4

    • What are the most likely inroads that Harris will be able to make on the current ‘immigration crisis’?
    • What has the PPP taught us about structural inequity for minority entrepreneurs?
    • How should the US counter China’s ascendant influence in the UN?
  5. Speaker 5

    • Is it a smart move for Biden to show so much support for unionizing Amazon workers?
    • What impact will tightening mortgage credit availability have on the housing market?
    • What demands on Iran should the U.S. make as part of rejoining the Iranian nuclear accords?
  6. Speaker 6

    • Is US stockpiling of Covid19 vaccines the right choice?
    • What impact will the Biden reversal on IMF SDR’s have on the recovery of poorer countries?
    • Considering China’s growing navy, how should the US best support Taiwan?

8:00am Pacific: Ext-Pro / 9:15am STE Finals

  1. Speaker 1

    • Should GOP Sen. Johnson resign after making the comments he did about Black Lives Matter protesters vs. Capitol rioters?
    • How will the momentum of the Chinese economic recovery impact the region?
    • What will be the fallout from Israel’s shadow war with Iran at sea?
  2. Speaker 2

    • Are New York City’s reforms of qualified immunity a harbinger of things to come?
    • How will Turkey’s ouster of the head of their Central Bank impact their recovery?
    • What impact will the Vatican saying it will not bless same-sex unions have in South America?
  3. Speaker 3

    • Does social unrest in America negate the effectiveness of our global advocacy for human rights?
    • Are Canada’s plans to increase immigration to boost the economy a model for other developed nations?
    • How will France’s historical commission report about its role in the Rwandan genocide effect the relationship between the two countries?
  4. Speaker 4

    • What specific actions should the Biden administration take to protect the rights of Trans youth?
    • How will Obrador’s plans for Mexico’s energy sector impact the country’s economic stability?
    • Will the European Union's new sanctions on China doom their trade agreement together?
  5. Speaker 5

    • Does the makeup of the Supreme Court doom implementation of HR 1 even if it passes?
    • Will China’s efforts to close the wealth gap in Hong Kong assuage protestors in a meaningful way?
    • Should Venezuela’s opposition work with Maduro to fight COVID-19?
  6. Speaker 6

    • Is deploying FEMA to care for teenagers and children crossing the border the right move?
    • Will Brazil’s interest rate hikes be enough to curb skyrocketing inflation?
    • How will China respond to Philippine military flying light fighters over the South China Sea?