A. Open IPDA Speaker Prompts

1:30pm Pacific: CA-IPDA Round 1

  1. Speaker 1

    GMOs do more harm than good.

    When the values are in conflict, the United Nations should prioritize global poverty reduction over environmental protection.

    Teacher tenure should be abolished.

    The U.S. Government should prohibit all disenfranchisement laws for ex-convicts.

    Fly me to the moon.

8:00am Pacific: POE Rd 1 / 8:15am IPDA Rd2

  1. Speaker 1

    American Idol is more effective than The Voice.

    Allowing homeless camping in public places does more harm than good.

    The US should implement a universal basic income.

    The US should ban companies from using facial recognition software on consumers.

    The bitter pill can be sweetened.

11:30am Pacific - CA Rd 2 / 11:45am IPDA Rd 3

  1. Speaker 1

    As a teaching tool, YouTube is preferable to the library.

    Freedom of the Press has caused more harm than good.

    The USFG should adopt a $15 per hour minimum wage.

    The NFL should stand up more for free expression.

    This House should lower the bar. 

8:00am Pacific: POE Rd 2 / 8:15am IPDA Rd 4

  1. Speaker 1

    Gender pay gaps in sports is unethical.

    Decriminalizing all drugs would be preferable to legalizing all drugs.

    The Federal Government should regulate social media sites to prevent misinformation.

    The minority should be protected in all cases.

    This House believes the American Dream is a nightmare. 

2:00pm Pacific: CA Rd 3 / 2:15pm IPDA Rd 5

  1. Speaker 1

    Cable television is dead.

    Social media use is detrimental to society.

    The USFG should increase funding for space exploration.

    The Federal Government should intervene to lower prescription drug costs.

    The insurrection was just the canary in the coalmine.

9:15am Pacific: POE Rd 3 / 9:30am IPDA Rd 6

  1. Speaker 1

    American Democracy is dying.

    As a tool for social change, online protest is preferable to in-person protest.

    The USFG should provide free preschool for all children.

    The USFG should substantially increase regulations on cryptocurrencies.

    Fortune favors the bold.

7:30am Pacific POE / 7:45am IPDA / 8:45am CA Semis

  1. Speaker 1

    College sports do more harm than good.

    Freedom of the Press has caused more harm than good.

    This House should boycott Georgia.

    Party identification should be removed from ballots.

    This house would bite the bullet.

12:45pm Pacific CA /1:00pm IPDA /POE 2:15pm Finals

  1. Speaker 1

    The Republican Party is dead.

    It is better to change collegiate Forensics than to maintain the status quo.

    Standardized tests should be banned from public schools.

    The USFG should eliminate agricultural subsidies for concentrated animal feeding operations in the United States.

    We killed Kenny.