Welcome to the home page for the 2022 NCFA Spring Championships tournament hosted by NCFA on Feb 18-20, 2022 for College students.

Status: System shutdown (No new schools, changes, adds, or drops )

The 2022 Northern California Forensics Association Spring Championship Tournament

February 18-20, 2022


Welcome to our ever-developing splash page.  It is under construction, but in the meantime you have access to our invite by clicking on the "2022 NCFA Spring Champs Invite" link under the Documents heading on this page.  There you will find all the information needed regarding the tournament.   Some of the highlights include:

 - the schedule can be found on page 13 & 14 of the invite

- the fees this year have been slightly reduced and can be found on page 10 of the invite

- Parli will take place on Friday and Saturday (Feb 18 & 19)

- LD will take place on Saturday & Sunday (Feb 19 & 20)

- IE will take place on Sunday (Feb 20)

- IPDA will take place on Sunday (Feb 20)



As you visit this page in the future you will find all of the needed/usefull information that you've grown to love and expect from a forensicstournament.net splash page.


For the Students:

- We will have a link that clearly and easily takes Extemp competitors to the EXTEMP PREP ROOM

- A room will exist for the NPDA TOPIC ANNOUNCEMENT

- We will have a STUDENT LOUNGE where we hope competitors from different schools can gather and hang out with one another.

- And of course we will have a HELP ROOM to turn to when things go awry.



For the Coaches/Judges:

-You will be asked to Check-In / Register at the start of each day's competition in our HOSPITALITY HUB.

-We will have a JUDGE LOUNGE & STAND BY room that we ask you to hang out immediately before the rounds of competition.

-You can try out a SAMPLE BALLOT ahead of time to familiarize yourself with online judging and the balloting process.

-You can create your own team room.   Begin with https://8x8.vc/     Add your team name, something like bestschoolever(and add a 10-digit random number)   This will create something like https://8x8.vc/bestschoolever3650976386     This room will be live for you to use all season.  



For Everybody:

If you are having connection issues

1. Use a different browser (Chrome works best). Make sure you are in ONLY one room at a time.

2. Reboot your computer.

3. Make sure your mic, camera, and speaker settings are operational.

4. If you are using a tablet or phone use the 8x8meet APP instead of a browser.

5. Test your internet. You need a minimum of 6mbps. https://www.speedtest.net

6. Seek help in the help room.

Empty RoomIf you or one of your students is sitting ALONE AND ONTIME in an empty 8x8 room, something is wrong. Jump into the Help Room.

Judges Please Accept Your Ballot Immediately After Being Notified: Once you receive the email or text with your ballot, please accept the ballot. That way the tab room knows you will be there to judge the round.  

Observers:  In order to avoid "8x8 bombing" we cannot post the competition room URLs publicly.  Once emails (for the postings/rounds) go out, competitors and coaches can share their room-link with teammates, friends, and family.  Guests are welcome to observe. Observers should turn their mic off.