Welcome to the home page for the 2020 NCFA Virtual Forensics Camp tournament hosted by Northern California Forensics Association on Sep 18, 2020 for College students.

Status: Tournament Completed

Register for the 2020 NCFA Virtual Forensics Camp!

Welcome to the registration page for the 2020 NCFA Virtual Forensics Camp.  This a is free fully online Speech and Debate Camp. For more information on how it will work please see the invite on the website listed below.  If you are ready to register use the links on this page to do so! You can register students for Speech or Debate labs in Pattern A.  You can register students to debate in NPDA, IPDA, or NFA-LD practice rounds in Pattern B.  Please keep in mind that while this is a free camp, you will need to provide judge coverage for all debate practice rounds.  We do allow experienced competitors to serve as judges at this camp. See the invite below for details. 

Visit our camp website for all the information you need!


To register use the links on the left side of this page.  Have questions?  Contact guyr@mjc.edu

  • Sun 08/23/20 12:00 am Pacific
    Start registration (schools can begin registering competitors and judges)
  • Wed 09/16/20 11:55 pm Pacific
    Drops only (no new entries or changes allowed)

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