Welcome to the home page for the 2019 Northern BC Divisional Tournament tournament hosted by MALTA Jr/Sr HIGH SCHOOL DIST on Jan 19, 2019 for High School students.

Status: Tournament Completed


Who is looking forward to this weekend?

I hope everyone gave a resounding hurrah, yipee, hot dog, woot, yeah, hot dang, Lord have mercy, etc.. in response. (I do want to know what response you picked and what accent you said it in.)

Ok... a few things... and I'm sure I will be adding more "a few things" as the week progresses.

This weekend looks like it will be a bit chilly. Saturday is forecasted to be a high of 13 degrees and a low of 8 degrees. BUT! Hey! No snow! Sweet! I'm sure Mother Nature won't bless us with a true winter until next Thursday... when we're all traveling for State...

First order of business

I have decided, through Bonnie's O's insistence and a weak moment brought on by a spasm of pain made possible by the TINY stone that now resides in my kidney as I was talking with my assistant (Mendy) on the phone while she was at the PowerDuttonBrady meet and therefore conversing with Bonnie, I have decided to drop round 4.

I know, I know, some of you were really looking forward to it but with only 5 categories that go over 8 participants, it just kind of makes sense. Also, its heck of a lot easier for finding judges. So, rounds will start at the usual 9 o'clock with the Extemp draw done at 8:30. If debate coaches think its a good idea to start earlier than 9, we can. But please, let me know ASAP.

Part B

Food places! As I stated earlier, there will be concessions and a meal available for your kids at the school. For dinner, on Friday, there are a few places you can look to.

The GN is at the top of my list, no reason in particular (cough - husbands the cook - cough). It has a large sit-down area and a full menu from steak, shrimp, to your usual hamburger, and some pretty tasty salads. If you would like to eat here and you have a large team I suggest calling ahead and making a reservation. They might put you in the sweet room just off the bar area.

Speaking of burgers...

Dairy Queen is on your way out east out of town. Both a drive up and sit-down.

Speaking of drive-up...

just down the way, past the GN, is Joe's In and Out. They too have a nice little variety of foods from fish, pizza rolls. Most things are deliciously fried and the lettuce on their chicken salad is not iceberg.

Speaking of pizza...

Stretch's! Great little sit-down, pick up, or delivery, pizzeria. They have, of course, great pizza but also burgers, salads, and calzones. Again, if you're a large group, you can call ahead and they will put together some chairs for you.

more pizza..?

YES! West Side has some great pizza also, but it is only available for pick-up.

I'm pretty sure all of these places have Facebook accounts that give a detailed description of what they offer, however, I do plan on connecting their menus to here.


Until next time

Tournament Documents