Welcome to the home page for the 2020 Liangyi Youth Leadership Invitational tournament hosted by Liangyi Youth Leadership Academy on Aug 29, 2020 for Various students.

Status: Tournament Completed

We are excited to invite everyone to the our first online Liangyi Youth Leadership Invitational. To give everyone an opportunity to compete we are hosting this tournament free of charge!  

*Please note the details on the side panel for information like schedule and Best Practices*

We will be testing out what we would like to call a "Compression Competition" during this invitational. We will be offering one round per panel  with 3 judges in every room. 

Help desk link is https://8x8.vc/lylahelp feel free to go here if you have any problems.


To access your room go to 8x8.vc/Liangyi(xxx) replacing xxx with your room number, ie. if you are assigned to room 101 the link would be 8x8.vc/Liangyi101

Schedule *Updated*
Pattern A: 4:30 pm
Pattern B: 6:00 pm (Extemp Draw at 5:30 pm)
Pattern C: 7:00 pm
Awards: Asap 

The tournament will be held online.  Please see the Best Practices Guide on this tournament page for additional information regarding the preparation for Internet tournaments.  This guide will have suggestions and policies regarding specific events. 
 For further questions, contact Rabichs@gmail.com

Please also keep in mind that video and audio recording is PERMITTED for (educational and non-commercial uses only, we reserve the right to require that an abusive upload of a recording be taken down) for all rounds, so your team's entry by your designee constitutes group acceptance and acknowledgement of your permission to be filmed (do NOT register a student if filming is opposed by that student's parents).

Feel free to contact Rabichs@gmail.com with any further questions!

While there may be a few growing pains transitioning to the online sphere we are committed to giving you a fun, free, tournament experience for you and your students. This invitation is subject to change, but we will keep a change log on the sidebar with the changes dated. Last revised: August 23th, 2020.

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    Accepting Entries


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