Welcome to the home page for the 2019 Havre invitational tournament hosted by Havre High School on Nov 2, 2019 for High School students.

Status: Tournament Completed

Havre High School would like to cordially invite you to the invitational speech, drama and debate tournament Havre is hosting Saturday, Nov. 2.

The tournament offers all Class A and Class BC events, with all competition planned to be held at Havre High School.

Registration is available at https://forensicstournament.net/Havre/19 . For people who don’t have a forensicstournament.net account, account setup and registration at tournaments is free.

New entries and changes will be allowed through 5 p.m. Monday, Oct. 28, with drops allowed through 5 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 31. Drops after Oct. 31 will incur a $5 drop fee.

Due to judges’ complaints about late starts and problems with double entries at tournaments in past years, the Havre team has been directed not to allow double entry.

Registration the day of the tournament will be from 7 a.m. to 8 a.m. at the high school office by the north entrance. Charges will be $5 per entry, with teams counting as one entry -- i.e. the charge for a duo humorous acting entry is $5, as for a solo humorous acting entry. A list of the entry and charges will be emailed to each school Thursday night.

Tabulation will be in the school library.

Preliminary round at the Havre tournament are planned for 9 and 10:30 a.m. and noon, with finals at 2 p.m. Extemp draw will begin a half-hour before the round.

Finals will not be held for speech and drama events with fewer than six competitors or debate events with fewer than four competitors.

Awards are planned in the Havre High School auditorium as soon as tabulation of the finals round is complete.

A hospitality room for judges and coaches will be set up in the high school. 

Students are asked to remain in the Havre High School cafeteria between rounds and when not in competition. Students must wait for the judge to arrive before entering competition rooms.

Finals will have three judges per event, and students must make sure all three judges are present before starting the round.