Welcome to the home page for the 2019 Fall at the Beach - Sunday tournament hosted by CSU - Long Beach on Nov 3, 2019 for College students.

Status: Tournament Completed

RESULTS - The results export to forensicstournament.net is bugged, so I am posting the PDF links to the results here.  You can access the entire results packet through these links.

Day One - http://everythingtab.com/pdf/3266/rankings/ResultSheets-Tue-1209pm11.pdf

Day Two - http://everythingtab.com/pdf/3267/rankings/ResultSheets-Tue-1120am819.pdf



Thank you for all of the e-mails and updates.  The links are removed now.  This should help the morning dramatically.



Hello everyone! For those of you who were here today, you know about the bugs that Everythingtab was having.  If you could please check the following PDFs and see if your entries are correct, that would be amazing.  Do not worry about the rooms or your judging commitments yet; they are definitely going to change--just check those entries. If there are any errors, e-mail me at: aaron.fullman@csulb.edu or text me at (714) 874-5269.

Pattern A: removed

Pattern B: removed

Again--Contact me at aaron.fullman@csulb.edu or 714-874-5269.

Thank you again!

Next time, we won't be 15 minutes late, we'll be 15 minutes early.  Let's do this >:).


Room Locations:

IE Tab - Hall of Science 101

Ballots In/Out - Hall of Science 107

Extemp Prep - PH1 - 141

Snacks - SSC 122


Hello and welcome!

We typically host this tournament in the spring, but we have decided to host it in the Fall this year to accommodate Policy travel schedules for the spring time.

We will be offering another full service tournament, and two full IE days on Saturday and Sunday of the tournament.

The invite omitted entry fees for IE's (whoops!).  They are $12 for each event, with $15 for each duo.

Extemp Topic Areas


1: Domestic Politics 2: International Econ F: Domestic Social

Download the invite and register!  Policy entries are taken on Tabroom.  IE and BP will be taken here.

Also there is a hotel and room block for those traveling.  

Here is the link to the block: https://www.marriott.com/events/start.mi?id=1569949687598&key=GRP.  The last day to book is October 11th, 2019.


CSULB Forensics


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