Welcome to the home page for the 2024 Crystal Clear Forensics Reception tournament hosted by McHenry County College on Oct 12, 2024 for College students.

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Dear Forensics Friends, 


MCC is pleased to invite you to the Crystal Clear Forensics Reception on October 12, 2024. In the interest of expanding access to ballots, we plan to offer 3 rounds of competition and announce awards based on lowest cumulative scores. * 

In this novice (first 2 years of competition) tournament, 12 events are offered that (except for Interviewing *) follow Phi Rho Pi guidelines: www.phirhopi.org. There will be a free pizza lunch (notify me of any dietary restrictions ASAP and I will try to accommodate). 

We will be using electronic ballots and judges are responsible for bringing a laptop/tablet device to complete ballots.  

We look forward to seeing you in October! 



Bonnie Gabel                                      Sarah Metivier Schadt                         

Director of Forensics                        Assistant Coach                                                    

(Office) 815-455-8684 

(Cell) 847-877-2784 


*If there is a judge shortage, we will revert to the 2 prelim/1 final format 

*Event description below 



8:00-8:30        Registration and Breakfast (A208) 

8:45                 Round 1 of Group A (Duo, Imp, Info, DI, POI, Pers,) 

10:00               Round 2 of Group A 

11:15               Round 3 of Group A 


12:30               Pizza Lunch (provided) 

1:00                 Extemp Draw A210A 
1:15                 Round 1 of Group B (Extemp, CA, POE, Prose, STE, Interviewing*) 

2:15                 Extemp Draw A210A 
2:30                 Round 2 of Group B 

3:30                 Extemp Draw A210A 
3:45                 Round 3 of Group B 


ASAP              Awards 

* Description of Interviewing Event: 

Each contestant will be interviewed for a hypothetical position as an intern at a Chicago Speakers Bureau.  This intern position involves supporting members of the speaker relations team, by: 

·         Assisting in identifying trending topics 

·         Conducting research on topics 

·         Giving presentations to train internal staff on speaker topics 

In round 1, the contestant will be asked general employment questions by an interviewer from Human Resources.  In round 2, the contestant will be interviewed by a Manager about their research and presentation skills.  In the third/final round, the contestant will be interviewed by one or more members of the staff they would be working with at the bureau.  Contestants will be given the opportunity to ask at least one question in the interview.  Time limit: Each contestant will be interviewed for 7-10 minutes. 

This simple resume template must be filled out prior to registration, here is the link: 

Then, coaches will upload resumes in the shared folder in Google Drive: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1w_ikg8TA1KD8tRCeLkgH7Mhf9czZH_ET?usp=sharing 



Enter through the A bldg. atrium, registration will be in front of A208: Map 


Each school may enter up to six slots per event.  Each student may enter up to three per group. The deadline for receiving entries is 5 p.m. on Tuesday, October 8th.  Drops (without penalty) are due by 3pm on Thursday, October 10th.  Tournament information/registration: https://forensicstournament.net/CrystalClearForensicsReception/24