Welcome to the home page for the 2019 Close to the Coast Sat tournament hosted by Orange Coast College on Jan 19, 2019 for College students.

Status: Tournament Completed

Due to the number of entries and to encourage participation over both days of the swing we have decided to modify the schedule of the tournament.  

IE Schedule/Entries

Pattern A:  Persuasion, DI, POI, Imprmptu, Duo, CA

Pattern B:  Extemp, Informative, Prose, Poetry, ADS

8:00        Registration (First Floor, Literature & Language Building)

9:00        Round 1A

10:15    Extemp Draw

10:30    Round 1B

11:45    Round 2A

1:00    Extemp Draw

1:15    Round 2B

3:00    Finals A

4:15    Extemp Draw

4:30    Finals B

6:00 or TBA     Awards

Debate Schedule:

8:00 -8:45:    Registration (First floor, Literature & Languages Building) - Debaters must sign in.

9:00    Round 1

10:15    Round 2

11:45    Round 3

1:15      Round 4

3:00      Bronze (Open)/Round 5 (Novice)

4:30       Gold (Open)/ Round 6 (Novice)

6:00 or TBA Awards

Open division will have a bronze and gold round during novice division rounds 5 & 6.

Parliamentary Debate will be run in accordance with Phi Rho Pi rules.  We will use topic strikes  with 20 minutes of preparation time.  We will also include flex time during the debate.  There will be no coaching during preparation time, and students will be allowed paper dictionaries, almanacs and/or electronic research material.  

Tournament Documents

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