Tournament Entries

# School Location
1 Black Hills State University Spearfish, SD
2 Carroll College Helena, MT
3 Hired Judges ,
4 Idaho State University Pocatello, ID
5 Lewis & Clark College Portland, OR
6 Northwest College Powell, WY
7 Northwest University Kirkland, WA
8 The College of Idaho Caldwell, ID
9 United States Air Force Academy USAF Academy, CO
10 University of Mississippi University, MS
11 University of Wyoming Laramie, WY
12 Willamette University Salem, OR

Open BP Worlds

# School Student(s)
1 Black Hills State University Grace Roy & Jace Marchiando
2 Carroll College Ally Haegele & Matt Glimm
3 Carroll College Elaina Goulet & Josie Howlett
4 Carroll College Elissa Mazkour & Melissa Jagelski
5 Carroll College Sarah Osmon & Finlay Bates
6 Idaho State University Joseph Tyler & Colter Barker
7 Idaho State University Jett Smith & Madison Brown
8 Idaho State University Alyson Corgatelli & Donna Paurevic
9 Lewis & Clark College Cicely Bergsma & Fernando Dzul Fisher
10 Lewis & Clark College Gabe Korer & Christian Gipson
11 Lewis & Clark College Hannah Marians & Christian Saavedra
12 Northwest College Emily Wright &
13 Northwest College Lorna Gage & Madeline Martinson
14 Northwest University Grace Evans & Grace Seyoum
15 Northwest University Solomon Taylor & Rio Garvin
16 Northwest University Christine Toavs & Madee Knowlton
17 Northwest University Kelsi Wright & Mary Beth Barrett
18 The College of Idaho Christian Curtiss & Sebastian Aguilera
19 The College of Idaho Maximillian Breiling & Melanie Dawson
20 The College of Idaho Seth Garwood & Ashleigh MacLennan
21 The College of Idaho Robyn Harper & Titan Walker
22 The College of Idaho Gabriel Hall & David Luke
23 The College of Idaho Margo Harness & Cosette Van Cleve
24 United States Air Force Academy lauren blackwelder & zach muraskin
25 United States Air Force Academy jasmine jacob & ryan torres
26 United States Air Force Academy Mason Bammer & Johnathan Bell
27 United States Air Force Academy zac holder & Connor Rude
28 United States Air Force Academy benjamin lee & neleah richardson
29 University of Mississippi Andy Flores & Katie Broten
30 University of Mississippi Ben Oakes & Isabella Grisham
31 University of Mississippi Clark Etzel & Nick Castellanos
32 University of Mississippi Eleanor Atkinson & Jacob Ratliff
33 University of Wyoming Bradon Bryngelson & Becca Campbell
34 Willamette University Rou Rou Hutchinson &
35 Willamette University Julissa Escobedo & Hannah Purdy
36 Willamette University Andrea Griffin & Lee Loftin
37 Willamette University Grace DeLee & Cameron Colip
38 Willamette University Claire Mathews-Lingen & In├ęz Nieves
# School Judge Debate
1 Black Hills State University Ryan Clark Y
2 Carroll College Hellie Badaruddin Y
3 Carroll College Taylor Potts Y
4 Carroll College Josh Mansfield Y
5 Carroll College Kelsey Watkins Y
6 Carroll College Kristian Bartel Y
7 Carroll College Roisin O'Neill Y
8 Carroll College Rylie Weeks Y
9 Carroll College Taffy Taffs Y
10 Carroll College Vinny Gallardo Y
11 Carroll College Teigen Tremper Y
12 Carroll College Becca Poliquin Y
13 Carroll College Anna Hoerner Y
14 Carroll College Brady Clark Y
15 Hired Judges Tyler Whitney Y
16 Hired Judges Ryan Rhoades Y
17 Hired Judges Jake MacDuff Y
18 Hired Judges Tori Hill Y
19 Hired Judges Taffy Taffs Y
20 Hired Judges Ryden Meyer Y
21 Idaho State University Andy Christensen
22 Idaho State University Sarah Partlow Lefevre
23 Lewis & Clark College Ben Soleim Y
24 Lewis & Clark College Joe Gantt Y
25 Lewis & Clark College Mike Catlos Y
26 Northwest College Bob Becker Y
27 Northwest University Jacob Witt Y
28 The College of Idaho Lydia Brown
29 The College of Idaho Kyle Cheesewright
30 The College of Idaho Elliana Heatherington
31 United States Air Force Academy Harmoni Blackstock Y
32 United States Air Force Academy jared barney
33 United States Air Force Academy Alexandre Some Y
34 University of Mississippi Jaz Brisack Y
35 University of Mississippi Spencer Heitman Y
36 University of Mississippi Grant Beebe Y
37 University of Wyoming Bryce Reher Y
38 Willamette University Kricia Ruano Espinoza Y
39 Willamette University Natalie Lyell Y