Tournament Entries

# School Location
1 ACLA Network Santa Ana, CA
2 Academy of Higher Learning Tarzana, CA
3 Advanced Learning Academy Santa Ana, CA
4 Alfred B. Nobel Charter Middle School Northridge, CA
5 Basis Silicon Valley , CA
6 Cogito Debate Irvine, CA
7 D. Russel Parks Jr. High Fullerton, CA
8 El Sol Science and Arts Academy Santa Ana, CA
9 Emerson Community Charter School Los Angeles, CA
10 Gerald P Carr Intermediate School Santa Ana, CA
11 Gonzalo Felicitas Mendez Fundamental Intermediate Santa Ana, CA
12 Honor Academy Cerritos, CA
13 Jefferson Middle School San Gabriel, CA
14 Julia C. Lathrop Intermediate School Santa Ana, CA
15 Ladera Vista Junior High , CA
16 MacArthur Intermediate School Santa Ana, CA
17 Magnet Academy Irvine, CA
18 Manuel Esqueda Santa Ana, CA
19 McFadden Intermediate School Santa Ana, CA
20 ModernBrain , CA
21 Nicolas Junior High School FULLERTON, CA
22 Nova 42 Academy Pasadena, CA
23 QD Learning Anaheim, CA
24 Rancho Pico JH Stevenson Ranch, CA
25 Raymond A. Villa Fundamental Santa Ana, CA
26 Santiago K8 School Santa ana, CA
27 Sierra Preparatory Academy SANTA ANA, CA
28 Spurgeon Intermediate Santa Ana, CA
29 The Golden State Academy Fremont, CA
30 Velasquez - Top Education Institute Arcadia, CA
31 Velasquez Academy Woodland Hills, CA
32 Willard Intermediate School Santa Ana, CA
33 Wilshire Academy Los Angeles, CA

Pattern A

Pattern A

Pattern B

Pattern C

# School Judge Debate Individual Events
1 Nova 42 Daniel Kyle Yes No
2 Nova 42 Colin Ho Yes Yes
3 Nova 42 Xavier Torres Yes No
4 Nova 42 Nova 42 judge 2 Yes No
5 JMS Jefferson 1 No Yes
6 ACLA Network Asha Taylor No Yes
7 Willard Paul Zive No Yes
8 Wilshire Rebecca Cannon Yes Yes
9 McFadden Kelly Sohner No Yes
10 Nobel MS Rahim Hassanali No Yes
11 AofHL Natalie Yates Yes Yes
12 AofHL Carol Chong Yes No
13 ACLA Network Jasmine Washington No Yes
14 Cog Deb Carlos Pelayo Yes Yes
15 El Sol Camille Acosta No Yes
16 Emerson Anna Razo Yes Yes
17 Emerson Jenna Murphy No Yes
18 Emerson Michael Yee Yes Yes
19 Emerson Elaine Hsieh No Yes
20 Wilshire Gordon Ip Yes Yes
21 GSA Joanna Marie Fernandez Yes Yes
22 GSA Ben Unanaowo Yes Yes
23 GSA Victor Rivas Umana Yes Yes
24 MLA Meaghan Loeffler Yes No
25 QDLearning Wei Wang Yes Yes
26 BASIS Jennifer Leal No Yes
27 BASIS Steven Leal No Yes
28 Cog Deb Kristina Rietveld Yes Yes
29 AofHL Mark Jensen Yes No
30 QDLearning Tiffany Zhu No Yes
31 QDLearning Nancy Yang Yes Yes
32 QDLearning Amy Murphy No Yes
33 QDLearning Olivia Cheng No Yes
34 Nova 42 Alvis Yang Yes No
35 Nova 42 Julianna Pingol No Yes
36 Nova 42 Bruno Mastrodicasa Yes No
37 Nova 42 Nova 42 Judge 1 Yes No
38 Nova 42 Nova 42 Judge 3 Yes No
39 Nova 42 Nova Judge 4 Yes No
40 MLA Sarah Wilson Yes No
41 ModernBrain Amber Cao No Yes
42 ModernBrain Ana Reyes Yes Yes
43 ModernBrain Annie Chen No Yes
44 ModernBrain Audrey Yoon No Yes
45 ModernBrain Belinda Lantz No Yes
46 ModernBrain Fang Pang No Yes
47 ModernBrain Helen Huang No Yes
48 ModernBrain Jasmin Sharp Yes Yes
49 ModernBrain Jessie Chen No Yes
50 ModernBrain John Lewellen Yes Yes
51 ModernBrain Karlee Currin No Yes
52 ModernBrain Laura Cui No Yes
53 ModernBrain Minny Zhang No Yes
54 ModernBrain Rico Reyes Yes Yes
55 ModernBrain Sabina Lin No Yes
56 ModernBrain Subha Alluri No Yes
57 ModernBrain Uma Kakarlapudi No Yes
58 ModernBrain Vandana Karthikeya No Yes
59 ModernBrain Xiaobin Yan No Yes
60 ModernBrain Yilin Mao Yes Yes
61 Wilshire Robert Cannon No Yes
62 ACLA Network The Guerreros Yes No
63 MLA Matt Contreras Yes No
64 Honor Academy Justine Park Yes No
65 Honor Academy Goomo Yoon Yes No
66 Emerson Stephanie Levitt No Yes
67 Emerson Mei Lani Poindexter No Yes
68 Emerson Lara Stuback No Yes
69 VelasqAcad Ashley Wee Yes Yes
70 VelasqAcad Francis Kim Yes Yes
71 ACLA Network Willie Washington Yes No
72 VTOP Jerry Zhu Yes Yes
Judge Philosophies