Welcome to the home page for the 2019 9th Annual California Middle School State Championship tournament hosted by Segerstrom High School on May 17-19, 2019 for Middle School students.

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The 9th Annual California Middle School Forensics

Speech and Debate State Championship

May 17-19th, 2019

Greetings to all middle school speech and debate clubs and schools!

California Middle School Forensics is proud to announce the 9th annual California State Championship.  This tournament is meant to encourage a healthy competition at the state level and provide an opportunity to sharpen competitive speeches before the national tournament.  

The tournament will be held on Friday, May 17th - Sunday, May 19th, 2019!  Please feel free to pass this invitation along to anyone who might be interested in attending.

No publication restrictions are set for interpretation events, however, competitors must be prepared to demonstrate that the literature being performed was not written by the competitor (except in those events requiring the competitor to do so).

Below is the tournament schedule.  Please read the entire invitation for more information.

Full Combined Schedule*:

Friday: May 17th, 2019

3:30 p.m.    Team Registration

4:30 p.m.    Round 1 Pattern A (PF, LD, Big Q, Congress)

5:30 p.m.    Round 2 Pattern A (PF, LD, Big Q)

6:30 p.m.    Round 2 (Congress)

7:00 p.m.    Round 3 Pattern A (PF, LD, Big Q)

8:00 p.m.    Round 4 Pattern A (PF, LD, Big Q)

Saturday: May 18th, 2019 

7:30 a.m.    Remaining team registration

8:00 a.m.    Round 1 Pattern B (Pro, HI, OO, Duo, Imp)

9:30 a.m.    Round 2 Pattern B (Pro, HI, OO, Duo, Imp)

11:00 a.m.   Round 5 Pattern A (PF, LD, Big Q) / Round 1 (SPAR) /

                Round 3 (Congress)

11:00 a.m.   COACHES’ MEETING

11:00 a.m.   IE Lunch break

12:30 p.m.   Debate/Congress lunch break

1:00 p.m.    Round 3 Pattern B (Pro, HI, OO, Duo, Imp)

2:30 p.m.    Octa-finals Pattern A (PF, LD) / Semi-finals (Big Q) /

                Round 2 (SPAR)

4:00 p.m.    Semi-Finals Pattern B (Pro, HI, OO, Imp) / Finals (Duo) / 

                Round 3 (SPAR)

6:00 p.m.    Quarterfinals Pattern A (PF, LD) / Finals (BQ, Congress) /

                Semi-finals (SPAR)

7:30 p.m.    Finals Pattern B (Pro, HI, OO, Duo, Imp) / Finals (SPAR)

Sunday: May 19th, 2019

7:30 a.m.    Remaining team registration / Extemp Draw

8:00 a.m.    Round 1 Pattern C (DI, Dec, Poe, Sty, Ext, POI, Info)/

                Round 1 (Policy)

9:30 a.m.    Round 2 Pattern C (DI, Dec, Poe, Sty, Ext, POI, Info)

11:00 a.m.   Round 3 Pattern C (DI, Dec, Poe, Sty, Ext, POI, Info)/ 

                Round 2 (Policy)

11:00 a.m.   Debate lunch break

12:00 p.m.   Pattern A Semifinals (PF, LD)

12:00 p.m.   IE Lunch break

1:30 p.m.    Semi-Finals Pattern C (DI, Dec, Poe, Sty, Info) / 

Finals (Ext, POI) / Round 3 (Policy)

3:30 p.m.    Finals Pattern A Debate (PF, LD) / Rd. 4 (Policy)

5:00 p.m.    Finals Pattern C (DI, Dec, Poe, Sty, Info)

7:30 p.m.    Awards (earlier if possible)

*The Tournament schedule may be adjusted depending on number of entries and time accommodations.  Please check the postings on the campus for updated schedule changes.