Welcome to the home page for the 2024 Western States Communication Association Tournament tournament hosted by Truckee Meadows Community College on Feb 23-25, 2024 for College students.

Status: Tournament Completed

For schools wishing to enter the IE tournaments on Friday AND Saturday, you will need to register students for patterns A&B on Friday and E&F on Saturday!



February 23-25, 2024

Hosted by

Truckee Meadows Community College


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Address for TMCC: 7000 Dandini Blvd. Reno, NV 89512


The tournament will use the Sierra and Red Mountain buildings. You can find them in the map linked in the documents tab. 


Tab Room is in Sierra - 117


Extemp Draw Friday - Common Area Outside SIER 117 


Extemp Draw Saturday - SIER 116

IPDA Draw Saturday - SIER 116

NPDA Draw Saturday - SIER 116 


NPDA Prep Rooms

Texas Southern - SIER 204

NAU - SIER 209

Utah - SIER 212


Awards - SIER 108





The United States Federal Government should implement a policy to regulate microdosing.

TOPIC @8:05 ROUND @8:25



The Ukrainian parliament should pass the “mobilization bill”. 

TOPIC @10:00 ROUND @10:20


Round 3:

The United States should limit the use of commercial genealogical databases by law enforcement.
TOPIC @10:45 ROUND @12:05


Round 4:

The United Nations should significantly increase its support for Somalia.

TOPIC @2:30 ROUND @2:50


Round 5:

The United States Federal Government should significantly restrict its transportation of liquified natural gasses.

TOPIC @4:20 ROUND @4:40



The Republican National Committee should standardize primary election practices across all U.S. states and territories.

TOPIC @6:18 ROUND @6:38





Friday, February 23rd

9:30AM: Registration

9:30AM: Extemp Draw

10AM: Round 1 A

11:30AM: Round 1 B

1:00 PM: Lunch Break (on your own)

1:45 PM: Extemp Draw

2:00 PM: Round 2 A

3:30 PM: Round 2 B

4:45PM: Extemp Draw

5:00 PM: Finals A

6:30 PM: Finals B


Saturday, February 24th (IE)

8:00AM: EXT Draw

 8:30AM: Pattern A round 1

10:00AM: Pattern B round 1

11:30 EXT Draw

11:45AM: Pattern A round 2

1:30PM-2:30PM: Lunch Break (On your own. Campus cafe is closed)

2:30 PM: Pattern B round 2

5:45 Extemp Draw

6PM: Finals A

7:15PM: Finals B

Awards ASAP


Saturday, February 24th (Debate)

8:00AM: Round 1 Debate

10:00AM: Round 2 Debate

11:45AM:, Round 3 Debate

1:30PM-2:30PM: Lunch Break (On your own. Campus cafe is closed)

2:30 PM: Round 4 Debate

4:15PM: Round 5 NPDA, IPDA Elim 1

6PM: Elim 1 NPDA, IPDA Elim 2

7:15PM: Elim 2