Tournament Invite


NFA LD debate, open for those eligible to attend NFA LD this year

Open division and junior (first two years of collegiate debate) division

We will break up to sixteen to elimination rounds
If possible, limited judge strikes available


Entry deadline = Wednesday, September 15, 2021, 5:00 p.m. central time

Please enter your competitors and judges on by the deadline



No fees

Required: Provide one full-time judge for every two competitors

All judges are obligated for one round after their squad’s elimination

Using the 8x8 Platform

The tournament will use 8x8 video conferencing so that a synchronous, on-line tournament, competition/administrative experience can be had by all. The 8x8 platform works seamlessly with the registration website. Danny Cantrell of San Antonio College has done a remarkable job of creating a synchronous platform site that sits atop the existing tournament registration website. He has assembled a very helpful collection of resources here:

We encourage you to watch the resource videos for judges and students that he has created.

To access the coaches’ video, go here:;index2

This video details how to enter students’ and judges’ contact information into the system when you register for the tournament. Essentially, this video describes the process you  use to enter the emails and or phone numbers of your competitors in your roster tool so that they can receive email or text notifications from the tournament. This does not make this information visible to the tournament administrators.

Participation in this sort of tournament requires several resources. Judges, coaches, and participants should plan to have:

A reliable laptop or desktop that can accommodate the Google Chrome browser.

A reliable internet connection of at least 6 MBPS (megabytes per second) download/upload speed.

Access to a space where they can (hopefully) perform without interruption.

You may also wish to have headphones.

The tournament will create a series of virtual rooms in which the rounds will occur. Competitors scheduled to compete in that round will get a text or email (coaches will indicate what the competitor’s preference is when they add the individual and their contact information to their team roster) with a link to get into the virtual room. You are not required to get an 8x8 account or download any software in order to participate. Once you are in a virtual room, it will look and feel very much like a Zoom meeting. We recommend that you look at the handy infographic below to acquaint yourself with the different features of the 8x8 competition rooms. This graphic is also available in a PDF at the link embedded here and above.


Tournament Schedule

9:00 Check in
9:30 Round 1
11:00 Round 2
1:30 Round 3
3:00 Round 4

4:30 Round 5



9:30 Round 6

11:00 Elimination round 1


1:30 Elimination round 2

3:00 Elimination round 3

4:30 Elimination round 4