Tournament Entries

# School Location
1 California Baptist University Riverside, CA
2 California State University Dominguez Hills Carson, CA
3 Cerritos College Norwalk, CA
4 College of the Canyons Santa Clarita, CA
5 Concordia University Irvine Irvine, CA
6 Diablo Valley College Pleasant Hill, CA
7 East Los Angeles College Monterey Park, CA
8 El Camino College Torrance, CA
9 Irvine Valley College Irvine, CA
10 Los Angeles Valley College Valley Glen, CA
11 Moorpark College Moorpark, CA
12 Mt. San Antonio College Walnut, CA
13 Mt. San Jacinto College San Jacinto, CA
14 Orange Coast College Costa Mesa, CA
15 Pasadena City College Pasadena, CA
16 Rio Hondo Community College Whittier, CA
17 San Diego Mesa College San Diego, CA
18 Santa Monica College Santa Monica, CA
19 University of California San Diego La Jolla, CA

Pattern C

Pattern D

Pattern A

Pattern B

# School Judge Debate Individual Events
1 SD Mesa Scott Plambek Yes Yes
2 SD Mesa Das Nugent-Odasso Yes Yes
3 LAVC Joe Faina No Yes
4 CBU Anthony Anderson Yes No
5 RioRunners Grant Tovmasian Yes Yes
6 RioRunners Alex Cadena Yes Yes
7 RioRunners Patricia Hughes Yes No
8 IVC Chathi Anderson Yes Yes
9 IVC Kelly Kehoe Yes No
10 OCC Sean Connor No Yes
11 IVC Meaghan Loeffler Yes No
12 IVC Ayden Loeffler Yes No
13 RioRunners Victor Wright Yes No
14 RioRunners Gabriela Rodriquez Yes No
15 El Camino Francesca Bishop Yes Yes
16 El Camino Brittany Hubble Yes Yes
17 ELAC David Hale No Yes
18 ELAC Joe Anderson Yes No
19 ELAC Myhanh Anderson No No
20 OCC Erin Roberts Yes No
21 OCC David Sonnenberg Yes No
22 OCC Hannah Haghighat Yes Yes
23 OCC Nate Wensko No Yes
24 OCC Jimmy Gomez No Yes
25 OCC Sherana Polk Yes No
26 Moorpark Rolland Petrello Yes Yes
27 Moorpark Allison Bowman Yes No
28 IVC Zihad Amin Yes No
29 PCC James Shotwell Yes No
30 PCC Marcos Santos Yes Yes
31 IVC Nichole Barta Yes No
32 PCC Allan Axibal-Cordero No Yes
33 PCC Brianna Broady No No
34 PCC Stephanie Mu Yes Yes
35 Cal State DH Donis Leonard No Yes
36 DVC Sasan Kasravi Yes Yes
37 DVC Robert Hawkins Yes Yes
38 DVC Blake Longfellow Yes Yes
39 Moorpark Jamie Whittington-Studer Yes Yes
40 CBU Kat Pimpanit Yes No
41 MSJC Melissa Moreno Yes No
42 MSJC Renee Orton Yes No
43 RioRunners Melissa DeLeon Yes No
44 RioRunners Juan Guerrero Yes No
45 El Camino Joseph Evans Yes No
46 El Camino AJ Patel Yes No
47 El Camino Daniel Loveland No No
48 El Camino Rachel Lobo Yes No
49 El Camino Chris Bickel Yes No
50 RioRunners Rudy Juarez-Pinedo Yes No
51 Moorpark Carly Pearlman No Yes
52 Mt. SAC Jasmine McLeod Yes Yes
53 Mt. SAC Roger Willis-Raymondo Yes Yes
54 Mt. SAC Twee Pham Yes Yes
55 OCC Tyler Kline Yes No
56 College of the Can Hillary Phillips No Yes
57 College of the Can Vlada Casteel No Yes
58 Mt. SAC Amir Freeman Yes No
59 Mt. SAC Dawson Khoury Yes No
60 UCSD Robert Campbell Yes Yes
61 CUI Joseph Laughon Yes No
62 IVC Hank Lewis Yes No
63 RioRunners Melissa Gonzalez Yes No
64 RioRunners Johnathan Kaldas Yes No
65 Moorpark Caitlyn Rosenberg Yes Yes
66 SMC Arundhati Ghosh Yes No
67 SMC Camilla Conte Yes No
68 SMC Chern Gan Yes No
69 SMC JP De Oliveira Yes No
70 SMC Demarcus Sales Yes No
71 SMC Farid Taheri Yes No
72 RioRunners Kelley-Jo Shain Yes No
73 SMC Jessica Kwack Yes No
74 SMC Isaac Boateng Yes No
75 Mt. SAC Jared Morrison Yes Yes
76 Mt. SAC Danny Cantrell Yes No
77 RioRunners Matt Grisat Yes Yes
78 RioRunners Vince Sampieri Yes No
79 SMC Nate Brown Yes No
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