Welcome to the home page for the 2017 St. Vincent de Paul Middle School tournament hosted by St. Vincent de Paul Middle School on Nov 18, 2017 for Middle School students.

Status: Tournament Completed

Divisions: OPEN (5th-6th-7th-8th grade). Our tournament is small so the divisions are combined.

Planned events: Humorous Interpretation (HI), Dramatic Interpretation (DI), Duo Interpretation (DU), Spontaneous Argumentation (SP), Impromptu (IM), Storybook (SB). A student may be in one event per pattern.

Check-in 8:00 AM, judges/coaches meeting 8:30 AM

Pattern A - Round 1 HI, DI 9:00-10:00
Pattern B - Round 1 DU, SP 10:00-11:00
Pattern C - Round 1 IM, SB 11:00-12:00
Break - 12:00-12:30
Pattern A - Round 2 HI, DI 12:30-1:30
Pattern B - Round 2 DU, SP 1:30-2:30
Pattern C - Round 2 IM, SB 2:30-3:30
Break - 3:30-4:00
Pattern D - Finals round Top 3 All events 4:00-5:00
Awards (1st, 2nd, 3rd place medallions per event)

Judging and scoring method will be done the same for all rounds including the final round. Depending on the schedule, extra judges may be available to help students practice other events not part of this tournament (oratory, editorial commentary, expository, etc.). There will be no cost or awards for these events, however, judges will provide written critique.

An official cost estimate will be e-mailed to you after registering, do not use the this website's Fees tab as an official cost estimate. There is no team fee, each event will be $10 per event, per student (Duo Interpretation is $20 per pair). Please make checks payable to St. Vincent de Paul School, and bring your payment the morning of the tournament. We are requesting each team to provide one (1) volunteer judge per 5 events entered. Light breakfast and lunch available for judges and volunteers. Registration deadline Friday, November 10. There will be no registration on the day of the tournament.

Please contact the tournament director for any questions.


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