Welcome to the home page for the 2021 Southern Forensics Championship Tournament tournament hosted by Southern Forensics Governing Board on Jan 27-31, 2021 for College students.

Status: Tournament Completed

Congratulations to all students reaching the elimination rounds. Please remember that eliminated competitors may be used as judges in elimination rounds. (Judges will not judge in the same round in which they competed.) All judges are obligated for the entire tournament, though we will try to release teams as soon as we can.


IPDA Breaks


Abilene Christian University - Abby Weiss

Abilene Christian University - Emily McDonald

Abilene Christian University - Jake Peace

Abilene Christian University - Meeyah Davis

East Texas Baptist University - Libby Gear

Jefferson State Community College - Jacob Davidson

Louisiana College - Shelby Cumpton

Louisiana State University Shreveport - Mallory Taylor

Mississippi State University - Anne Elizabeth Harrington

Mississippi State University - Collin Staten

Mississippi State University - Ryan Jarrett

The University of Southern Mississippi - Kelli Kirkland

University of Central Florida - Seth Nimbargi

University of Central Florida - Jessica Siles

University of Tennessee - Knoxville - Amanda Campbell

William Carey University - Trent Gilbertson


Jr. Varsity

Abilene Christian University - Emma Jaax

Abilene Christian University - TJ Reynolds

Abilene Christian University - Nathan Marshall

Abilene Christian University - Hannah Maniscalo

Arkansas State University - Christian Huggins

Lee College - Adam Kinder

Louisiana State University Shreveport - David Issacs

Louisiana Tech University - Skylar Dean

Mississippi State University - Baylee Seeman

Mississippi State University - Patrick McKenzie

The University of Southern Mississippi - Will Duley

University of Central Florida - Matthew Alderman

University of Central Florida - Sam Schepps

University of Central Florida - Darren Roberts

University of the Cumberlands - Gabe Graham

William Carey University - Lauren Hand



Arkansas State University - Alex Mills

Arkansas State University - Somer Shannon

Arkansas State University - Harrison Cook

East Texas Baptist University - Ethan Bond

Louisiana State University Shreveport - Ethan Arbuckle

Middle Tennessee State University - Graham Christophel

Mississippi State University - Mia Robertson

Mississippi State University - Nirmal Bhatt

Mississippi State University - Tyler Melvin

Texas Christian University - Courtney Parks

Texas Christian University - Ryan Debish

University of Central Arkansas - Adam Cox

University of Central Arkansas - Jayce Burney

University of Central Arkansas - Greta Hacker

University of Florida - Loren Odoardo

University of Tennessee - Knoxville - Cody Levi




East Texas Baptist University - Grant Degner

Louisiana State University Shreveport - Leia Smith

Louisiana State University Shreveport - Tommy James

Louisiana Tech University - Ashley Hale

Louisiana Tech University - Kendrick Kruskie

Unaffiliated - Stephen Varnell

University of Arkansas at Monticello - McKenzie McClain

University of Central Arkansas - Jacob Holland

  • Mon 01/04/21 12:00 am Central
    Start registration (schools can begin registering competitors and judges)
  • Wed 01/27/21 5:00 pm Central
    Limit adds, changes, drops to existing schools only (no new schools can register)
  • Thu 01/28/21 5:00 pm Central
    Drops only (no new entries or changes allowed)