Welcome to the home page for the 2020 Class B/C Southern Divisional tournament hosted by Columbus High School on Jan 25, 2020 for High School students.

Status: Tournament Completed

´╗┐Registration will be through Forensictournament and will close after 5:00 on Monday, January 20. After January 20 all drops or changes can be texted to Johanna Kern at

406-861-8069. Codes will be emailed and there will not be a morning check in.

Rules: All MHSA Rules will apply.

Food: There will be a full concessions at the High School with breakfast and lunch options. If you'd like to run a tab please provide the concession personnel with a list of team members and monetary limit.

Divisional t-shirts and sweatshirts: These items will be available by pre-order only. An email will be sent with details.

Hospitality: Hospitality will be provided at both schools with lunch being served at the High School only.

Building Use: New this year!!! Debate and most speech events will compete at the Elementary School. All Drama, some speech, and all Finals will take place at the High School/Middle School complex. Elementary gym will serve as commons as will the High School gym. Awards will take place in the High School Gym. The distance between Elementary and High School buildings is 2 blocks.

Bus Parking: Available at both buildings.

Tab Rooms:High School Library, Elementary to be announced.

Schedule:  Drama/Speech: 8:30, 10:15, 12:00, 1:45, Finals: 4:00  (If most sections have less than 8 we will consider tightening the schedule)

                    Debate/Ext. Draw: 8:00, 10:00, 12:00, 2:00, Finals: 4:00