Tournament Entries

# School Location
1 Christ the King Middle School Speech -- Seattle, WA Seattle, WA
2 Immaculate Conception Our Lady of Perpetual Help Everett, WA
3 Our Lady of Fatima Parish School Seattle, WA
4 Our Lady of the Lake Parish School Seattle, WA
6 Saint Joseph School Issaquah, WA
7 St Mary Magdalen Everett, WA
8 St. Anne School (Seattle) Seattle, WA
9 St. Brendan Parish School Bothell, WA
10 St. Joseph Seattle Seattle, WA
11 St. Louise Parish School Bellevue, WA
12 St. Luke School Shoreline, WA
13 St. Mark Parish School Shoreline, WA
14 St. Matthew Catholic School Seattle, WA
15 St. Monica Catholic School, Mercer Island MERCER ISLAND, WA
16 St. Thomas More Lynnwood, WA
17 St. Vincent de Paul School Federal Way, WA
18 Villa Academy Seattle, WA
19 st. philomena Des Moines, WA

Pattern A

Pattern B

Pattern C

# School Judge Individual Events
1 St. Brendan Robert Evans No
2 STVDP Victor Ducusin Yes
3 Saint Joseph Schoo Alycia Prekaski No
4 Saint Joseph Schoo Jennifer Rosario No
5 Saint Joseph Schoo Stacey Kelley No
6 St. Mark David Reed Yes
7 St. Louise Alessandro Catorcini Yes
8 St. Louise Alex Gallant Yes
9 St. Louise Frank Buysse Yes
10 St. Louise Kim Stockwell Yes
11 St. Louise Kristy Charles Yes
12 St. Louise Rayme Teders Yes
13 St. Louise Shannon Wallis Yes
14 St. Louise Paula Patterson Yes
15 STMS Tessa Watters Yes
16 St. Joseph David Hein No
17 STMS Rose Garcez Yes
18 St. Mark Ronald Calderon No
19 St. Mark Sarah Denkewalter No
20 st. philomena alisa murray No
21 st. philomena melvon perez No
22 st. philomena steve morissette No
23 st. philomena tyler evans No
24 STMS Jean Niblett No
25 St. Luke LaVonne Nelson Yes
26 Our Lady of Fatima Cat McDowall No
27 Our Lady of Fatima Ken Hamer No
28 Our Lady of Fatima Marie Nelson No
29 Our Lady of Fatima Esperanza Salazar No
30 Our Lady of Fatima Greg Hunter No
31 Our Lady of Fatima Hilary MacGillivray No
32 Our Lady of Fatima Jenny McDowall No
33 Our Lady of Fatima Karen Rich No
34 Our Lady of Fatima Tami Gardner No
35 Our Lady of Fatima Tracey Fitzgerald No
36 St. Matthew Chris Dockter Yes
37 St. Matthew Gracia Wooden Yes
38 St. Matthew Jennifer Nedeltchev Yes
39 St. Matthew Maricar Poblete Yes
40 St. Matthew Maura St. Jacques Yes
41 SMM Robyn Dalberg No
42 St. Joseph Ed Allen No
43 St. Joseph Jamie Flynn No
44 St. Joseph Joe Cannon No
45 St. Joseph Mary Dawson No
46 St. Joseph Matt Price No
47 St. Joseph Molly Shearer No
48 St. Joseph Stacey Donahue No
49 St. Joseph Tom Scearce No
50 St. Joseph Yemi Jackson No
51 ICOLPH Brendan Murphy Yes
52 ICOLPH Dan Murphy Yes
53 ICOLPH Greg Benson Yes
54 ICOLPH Laura Kendrick Yes
55 ICOLPH Sean Peacock Yes
56 ICOLPH Sharon Lewis Yes
57 STVDP Scott Baukol Yes
58 STVDP Sherry Baytion Yes
59 SMM Kathleen Shaner No
60 SMM Margaret Sprague No
61 SMM Maureen McMurray No
62 SMM Shelly Perera No
63 CKS Bjork Chris Yes
64 CKS Geoff Thompson Yes
65 CKS Clarissa Ramirez-Banda Yes
66 CKS Mitzi Cocquia Yes
67 CKS Seward Jenette Yes
68 CKS Yuriy Nyzhnykevych Yes
69 St. Brendan Debbie Kuhlman No
70 St. Brendan Patrick Young No
71 St. Brendan Amada Pocek No
72 St. Brendan Adrian Mascarenhas No
73 St. Brendan Maggie Eid No
74 St. Brendan Owen Connolly No
75 St. Anne A. Schmidt No
76 St. Anne A. Cunningham No
77 St. Anne D. Talevich No
78 St. Anne J. Malzewski No
79 St. Anne L Largen No
80 St. Anne N. McDonagh No
81 St. Anne S. Graff No
82 OLL Caroline McLaughlin No
83 OLL Caryn Jorgensen No
84 OLL Jennifer Kush No
85 OLL Vickie Kush No
86 OLL Evie Bozzuti No
87 StMonicaMI Samantha Pottenger Yes
88 StMonicaMI Marybeth Bohm No
89 OLL Lynn Flynn No
90 St. Catherine Enrique Enguidanos No
Judge Philosophies