Welcome to the home page for the 2019 Principios, 6th Annual 3rd-12th Grade Fall Invitational Urban Forensics Fundraiser tournament hosted by Pacoima Charter School, 11016 Norris Avenue, 91331 on Nov 3, 2019 for Various students.

Status: Tournament Completed

** Update 11/4/19 - What an amazing tournament! We started Awards only four minutes late. How often do you see that at a speech contest? Huge thanks to our Tab-Master Jeff Niemic and his assistants Erica Zhu and Lauren Velasquez-Galvez! Thank you also to the volunteer staff organized by Top Education's Stella Gu and to the top notch service and security staff on campus headed by Pacoima Charter's Agustin Mena! Round by round results and speaker points (organized by school) are available in the Results Tab! For a look at the Rankings Sheets (organized by top ranking students for each event), click here: 2019 Principios VI Final Rankings