Welcome to the home page for the 2014 L.A. County Orator's Cup (High/Middle/Elementary Schools) tournament hosted by El Camino Real Charter H.S. on May 17, 2014 for Various students.

Status: Tournament Completed

<p>A 3-in-1 Tourney&mdash;the first &ldquo;L.A. Open&rdquo; for 3rd-12th grade speakers (public/private). No school/league fees/requirements!<br /> $10 per event for 3rd-5th Grade ($15 for 6th-12th), increasing to $15 per event starting May 1st ($25 for&nbsp;6th-12th).<br /> No-Penalty Cancellation Deadline on May 2nd at 11:59 PM! Entries &amp; Fees are &quot;frozen&quot; &amp; owed starting Sat. May 3rd!<br /> <br /> Pattern A holds all IEs&nbsp;(triple-entry allowed, but only double with extemp, only 1 extemp event per speaker),&nbsp;B is&nbsp;Congress.<br /> Multiple-entry contestants bear the responsibility&nbsp;of delivering ALL speeches WITHIN the&nbsp;90 minutes allotted&nbsp;each round.<br /> <strong>Each Division&rsquo;s top speaker will win an Orator&rsquo;s Cup &amp; the honor of having&nbsp;the 2015 AWARD NAMED FOR THEM!</strong><br /> Bring 1 judge for EVERY 1-4 entries (teens&nbsp;can&#39;t&nbsp;judge Open Div.),&nbsp;$15 (3rd-5th) to&nbsp;$25 (7th-12th) fine PER&nbsp;uncovered&nbsp;entry!<br /> &nbsp;</p> <p><strong>L.A. Orator&rsquo;s Cup Schedule - Saturday, May 17th, 2014</strong><br /> &nbsp;7:30 - 8:15&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Registration/Late Fee/Missing Judge Payment<br /> &nbsp;8:15 - 8:45&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Judge Orientation<br /> &nbsp;8:45 - 9:00&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Round 1 Judging&nbsp;Assignments<br /> <strong>&nbsp;9:00 -10:30 &nbsp; Round 1 - Individual Events (IEs - Pattern A, All Divisions)</strong><br /> <strong>10:30-12:00 &nbsp; Round 1 - Congressional Debate (Pattern B, All Divisions)</strong><br /> 12:00-12:45 &nbsp; Lunch Break<br /> 12:45 -1:00 &nbsp; &nbsp;Round 2 Judging&nbsp;Assignments<br /> <strong>&nbsp;1:00 - 2:30&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Round 2 - IEs</strong><br /> <strong>&nbsp;2:30 - 4:00&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Round 2 - Congress</strong><br /> &nbsp;4:00 - 4:15 &nbsp;&nbsp; Semi-Final &amp; Final Round Judging&nbsp;Assignments<br /> <strong>&nbsp;4:15 - 5:45&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Semis (IEs with 20+ entries)/Finals (IEs with 10-19&nbsp;entries)</strong><br /> <strong>&nbsp;5:45 - 7:15&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Semis (Congress Div. with 31+ entries)/Finals (15-29&nbsp;entries)</strong><br /> &nbsp;7:00&nbsp;- 7:15&nbsp; &nbsp; Final Round Judging&nbsp;Assignments<br /> <strong>&nbsp;7:30 - 9:00&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Finals (IEs with 20+ entries &amp; Congress Divisions with 31+ entries)</strong><br /> &nbsp;9:20&nbsp;-10:00 &nbsp; Awards Assembly</p> <p><strong>(April 5th) Filming &amp; educational/promotional uploading of selected Final Round performers/performances announced!</strong><br /> In the interest of promoting the tournament and best practices within speech &amp; debate, Orator&#39;s Cup will help fill the lack of instructive forensics video on the internet by filming select Final Rounds:</p> <p>The Orator&#39;s Cup administration may publish pictures or videos of its competitors for educational and promotional purposes. We intend to film certain final rounds and post them or excellent performers within them on YouTube or other forms of social media and video-sharing sites. The intent would be to promote the tournament and/or deconstruct its exemplary speeches/speakers.<br /> By entering and competing in the Orator&#39;s Cup, you hereby give consent to the administrators of the Orator&#39;s Cup tournament to...<br /> (a) interview/film/photograph/make a video reproduction of you...<br /> (b) use your name and school/club affiliation...<br /> (c) use your original speech materials...<br /> ...in newspapers, magazines and other print media, on television, radio, and eletronic media (including the &quot;internet&quot;) and/or in mailings for educational and awareness campaigns.<br /> This consent is given without expiration, and future uses do not require additional permission.<br /> The ability to Opt Out of being filmed for these purposes is available through a Opt Out Form available for download below. Said form must be delivered by May 10th to:<br /> Mr. Cameron Maury, El Camino Real Charter High School, 5440 Valley Circle Blvd, Woodland Hills, CA 91367</p> <p><strong>(April 11th) High School Congress Legislation posted!</strong> Print a four page PDF version: <a href=\"http://www.forensicstournament.net/tournamentdocs/1273-2014%20OC%20Congress%20Legislation.pdf\" target=\"_new\">2014 High School Congress Legislation</a><br /> Since Nationals will release their docket too late in May to allow proper preparation, we have picked four pieces of legislation that those of your who qualified for State in Congress should be very familiar with by May 17th: four of the six are from the State Championship docket! We also chose this option in recognition of the fact that the AP Testing schedule ends the day before The Orator&#39;s Cup, which would leave some students very little time to research properly. The exact order of the docket has not yet been decideed, but in the event of no Semi-Final Round being needed for a Congress field under 40, either a bill will be omitted or the Final Round will have two.<br /> <br /> <strong>(April 11th) ALL contestants in all Divisions WILL be allowed to use NOTES in competition! </strong>However, MEMORIZED performances are strongly ENCOURAGED, as they tend to receive the highest oratorical marks from judges. ;-)</p> <p><strong>(April 16th) The chance to lock in lower prices by registering has been extended two more weeks until Wedenesday, April 30th at 11:59 p.m.! </strong>Accordingly, the deadline to start penalizing dropped entries will be moved to 11:59 p.m. on Friday, May 2nd. To recap, higher prices will now kick in for new registrations on Thursday, May 1st and drops will start to incur fines on Saturday, May 3rd!</p> <p><strong>(April 17th) Elementary Congress Topics Finalized! </strong>Click below on &quot;<a href=\"http://www.forensicstournament.net/tournamentdocs/1273-2014%20Orator%5C%27s%20Cup%20Elementary%20Topics.pdf\" target=\"_new\">2014 Elementary Division Congress Topics&quot;</a> to print/download a version with space for notes.</p> <p><strong>Prelim Rd. 1:</strong> School uniforms should become mandatory at all public schools.<br /> <strong>Prelim Rd. 2:</strong> Public schools in poor areas should be allowed to raise vitally needed funds through the sale of normally prohibited food items, such as soda and junk food.<br /> <strong>Semis/Final Rd. Option:</strong> Startup charter schools should only be given 3 years (instead of 5) to be approved for renewal, primarily through superior test scores over their 2 nearest public schools.<br /> <strong>Final Round:</strong> Undocumented immigrants who can prove they have worked in the U.S. for 10 years without committing a crime will be able to become legal workers &amp; residents after paying $10,000.</p> <p><strong>(April 22nd) Middle School Congress Bills (from the just-released State Docket) chosen! </strong> <a href=\"http://www.forensicstournament.net/tournamentdocs/1273-OratorsCup2014_MS%20Bills.pdf\" target=\"_new\">2014 Middle School Congress Legislation</a></p>