Welcome to the home page for the 2023 Harper College- The Litrenta Triangle tournament hosted by Harper College on Feb 17-18, 2023 for College students.

Status: System shutdown (No new schools, changes, adds, or drops )

Specifics will be posted over the holiday break.  Email or call Jeff if you have questions.

We are planning to offer IPDA, Readers Theater, the 11 individual events, and Group Communication.

As of now we are planning to host live on campus. Our campus it's not require masks or vaccinations.

Tentative Details

4 rounds of IPDA Friday AM
winning records will advance

IE's begin late afternoon friday

3 groups of IE
3 rounds of prelims plus finals
Semi's if warranted and feasible.

We will no longer be doing the bronze/silver/gold system in IEs.

We are open to hosting Parli.  It will depend on the size of the IL parli field ans the fall semester progresses.