Welcome to the home page for the 2022 Watch your step, Lego hazard Zone tournament hosted by Belfry Schools on Dec 17-19, 2022 for High School students.

Status: Tournament Completed

We will be offering B/C Events.

Our space is limited, so register early! Registration may be capped for space.

We will not be allowing double entry, sorry guys. I am a small school!

Entry fees will be $5.00 team and then per entry. ($10.00 for Policy, Humorous, Dramatic, and Classic Theatre)


We will be using the 2022-2023 MHSA rule book.

We will be using the Dec LD Debate topic.



Round 1: 8:30am

Round 2: 10:30am

Round 3: 12 pm

Finals: 2:00pm

Extemp Draw / Debate will be 30 minutes prior.

Our meet is spread out through Belfry. It is literally a two minute walk to get to each spot. I will have maps for coaches and students. Most of the events will be happening at the main campus. I am sorry for having to spread everything out. I will try to keep all rounds in similar places so that students don’t get confused.


The Multi Purpose room in the Elementary will be were students will be able to purchase concessions. We will have a lunch ticket option available for students as well. This year we are working on offering a team breakfast to purchase for students to eat in the morning. There aren’t very many places to eat near us till you get to Bridger and Laurel.


The students common room will be the Gym, in between the two schools.

Complimentary food and drink will be available for judges, coaches, bus drivers in both schools throughout the day.

We look forward to seeing all of you! Please let me know if you have any questions!

Courtney A Miles– 406-697-0368 cmiles@belfry.k12.mt.us



  • Fri 11/18/22 12:00 pm
    Start registration (schools can begin registering competitors and judges)
  • Fri 12/09/22 12:00 pm
    Limit adds, changes, drops to existing schools only (no new schools can register)
  • Mon 12/12/22 12:00 pm
    Drops only (no new entries or changes allowed)
  • Fri 12/16/22 12:00 pm
    Close registration (schools can not edit their registration)