Welcome to the home page for the 2021 Fort Benton High School Hawaiian Holiday Invitational tournament hosted by Amy Hanson on Dec 18, 2021 for High School students.

Status: Accepting Entries


Kick off the Holidays in Paradise!

Fort Benton High School is pleased and excited to invite you to the FBHS Hawaiian Holiday speech, drama, and debate meet on Saturday, December 18, 2021.

Registration can be done on forensics.net at https://forensicstournament.net/fortbentoninvitational/21. Preliminary registration is open. Due to space and time constraints, no double entry is allowed and you can register up to three students in each event.  I will be limiting this tournament to primarily Northern B/C schools with a few exceptions. Most events will be limited to one section of 8 entries due to room availability, but I will consider opening a second section of some events if the need arises. Some events with low numbers will be combined. 

No new schools will be allowed after Monday, December 14th.  Please complete all drops and adds by noon on Wednesday, December 15th. Please call/text (406) 621-0428 with all drops on the day of the meet. Check-In will be at Fort Benton High School main office from 7:30-8:30.


Fees: Entry fees will be $5.00 per entry with all duo’s counting as one entry (i.e., Hum duo, classical, or dramatic theater teams will be $5 a piece). There will also be a $5 fee for the use of forensics.net.  A list of all entries and charges will be emailed out by Friday, December 16th.


All MHSA b/c rules apply. 


All events will be held at Fort Benton High School. Concessions will be available at the High School from 11:00 until 2:00 with payments due at the time of purchase. No tabs will be allowed.


A full hospitality room will be available to coaches, judges, and drivers in the High School FACS room. 


Student commons will be in the lower bleachers of the gym at the high school, please ask students to stay off gym floor with street shoes as much as possible. Students must wait until judges are present to enter competition rooms. Finals will have 3 judges and students must wait until all 3 are present to enter the room.


Preliminary rounds are planned for 9:00, 10:30, and noon, with finals at 2 p.m. Extemp draw will begin a half-hour before the round. Finals will be held for all speech and drama events. Any debate events with 3 or fewer entries will be a round robin competition, with no finals. Awards will (optimistically) begin at 4:00 in the high school gym.


We will be tabbing on computers in the high school library.  Sweeps will be split into three; Speech, Drama, and Debate


PLEASE NOTE:  The Lincoln/Douglas Debate and Public Forum Debate will use the November/December topic.


To celebrate the spirit of the season and our last gathering of 2021, the tournament will have a “Hawaiian Holiday’s Theme”.  Coaches and students are encouraged to wear their best Hawaiian shirts for awards. 


Any questions or concerns please contact Coach Amy Hanson. We look forward to seeing you and your team!



Coach Amy Hanson

Fort Benton High School

Speech & Drama Head Coach

HS/MS Secretary

High School:  622-5112

Cell phone: 621-0428