Welcome to the home page for the 2024 District IX Qualifier tournament hosted by Colorado College on Mar 3, 2024 for College students.

Status: Tournament Completed

SCHEDULE: all times are MST 

*Please note that because of low entries, we’ve collapsed all events into a single pattern and will not have a final round. Final placings will be determined based on preliminary round judging.  

EXT Draw 8:30AM 

RD 1A and RD 1B 9:00-10:15 AM (EXT, INFO, POI, PRO, DI, IMP) 

EXT Draw 10:15 AM 

RD 2A and RD 2B 10:45 AM -12:00 PM (EXT, INFO, POI, PRO, DI, IMP) 


AWARDS 12:45 PM or ASAP 


Important Links: 


*Extemp We will be using an Extemp draw room, which can be found here- https://forensicstournament.net/video/extempprep/3602. Questions will be shared via the chat feature in the prep room.  

*Impromptu Prompts will be shared via the chat feature in the COMPETITION room. Please tell your students to check into their impromptu room, and then wait to be excused by the judge BEFORE ENTERING THE IMPROMPTU WAIT ROOM: https://forensicstournament.net/video/impromptuwaiting/3602. Once a student is done speaking, they will then enter the waiting room and inform the next speaker that it is their turn to enter the performance room and speak. PLEASE ENCOURAGE YOUR STUDENTS TO TIME THEMSELVES to prevent any internet connection/screen freezing issues that may occur.  

JUDGE STANDBY ROOM- If you do not have a ballot assigned to you for a round, please log into the judge standby room, which can be found here- Click Judges room link to the left

TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES- Should you experience technical difficulties, or have any questions, please visit the help desk, which can be found here: Click Help room link to the left

If you get kicked out due to internet issues in the middle of a student's speech, please use your best judgement regarding how to proceed. For example, if the student has only spoken for one minute, it would make sense to have them re-start. However, if the student was eight minutes into their speech, try to have them pick up near where the internet left off for the sake of time.  

AWARDS- The awards ceremony will take place at the following Zoom link: https://coloradocollege.zoom.us/j/99579566571 


DISTRICT IX COACHES MEETING (Immediately following Pattern B Round 2 and BEFORE awards): https://coloradocollege.zoom.us/j/97971485362


DISTRICT IX STUDENT MEETING (Immediately following Pattern B Round 2 and BEFORE awards): https://coloradocollege.zoom.us/j/94830962261