Welcome to the home page for the 2020 Crossman Invitational tournament hosted by El Camino College on Oct 16-18, 2020 for College students.

Status: Tournament Completed


For those of you who are paying by PayPal, search PayPal for @francescabishop2485

You will be sent an invoice on Thursday once fees are set.

We are excited to host you this weekend!

Tournament Info:

1.     If this is your first time (coaches/judges/students) using the virtual Forensics Tournament program, please refer to the following tutorials for step by step guides to help make the tournament run better for all of use:

a.     Competitors

b.     Judges

c.     General Information About How Virtual FTN Works

2.     The tournament will use various virtual rooms to simulate rooms we would normally have at a tournament. Please find the links to those below. They all use 8x8 and do not require login information. In fact, make sure you and your students DO NOT create 8x8 accounts or else this could affect access to competition rooms:

a.     Extemp Prep: https://8x8.vc/Crossman2020ExtempPrep

b.     Help Room: https://8x8.vc/Crossman2020HelpRoom

c.     Parli Topic Announce: https://8x8.vc/Crossman2020ParliTopics

d.     Judge Standby: https://8x8.vc/Crossman2020JudgeStandby

3.     Ballots: Judges will receive an email with a link to their ballot if they have been assigned one. Those who do not receive a ballot should get a notice that they are on “standby.” Judges who are on standby should go to the Judge Standby Room listed in section 3 above to wait to be pushed a ballot. Once all ballots have been distributed, you should receive an all clear notice from the tournament.

4.     Problems: Should you or your students run into any problems throughout the tournament, please seek assistance in the Help Room.

5.     Topics: Please read the following for information about how topics will be distributed for various events:

a.     Parli: Topics will be announced verbally and in the chat of the Parli Topic Announce Room. We will also try to send out topics after the topic is announced but cannot guarantee this.

b.     IPDA: Topics will be distributed in round by the judges. Judges should facilitate topic strikes for the competitors at the time the round is scheduled to begin. They will have a total of 30 minutes to strike topics and prep before the round will begin. This means that if an IPDA round is scheduled to begin at 9:15am, then strike will happen at 9:15am and the round should begin at 9:45am.

c.     Extemp: Students will select their topics in the Extemp Prep Room and then show up to their round 30 minutes after they draw their topics. Please make sure your judges know they also MUST give students time signals during their speeches.

d.     Impromptu: Judges will receive topics with their ballot. They will distribute topics to the relevant speakers and facilitate their prep. Please make sure your judges know they also MUST give students time signals during their speeches.

6.     Constraints: Please review the judging list and make sure there aren’t any judges who are unable to judge your students. These are not strikes, aka judges you do not want, but judges who have a conflict of interest with your students. Send those directly to me and I will set those up in the system. If you receive a round with a student you cannot judge or your student receives a round with a judge who should not judge them, please go to the Help Room ASAP so the ballot can be pushed.

7.     Rules: Please make sure you, your judges, and students are aware of the rules for the various events and the virtual tournament specific rules listed in the Tournament Invitation.

8.     Judging Philosophies: Many judges have provided judging philosophies that your students can reference for debate events.


Judge Philosophies