Welcome to the home page for the 2023 American Mock Trial Association Community College Clash October tournament hosted by American Mock Trial Association on Oct 14-15, 2023 for College students.

Status: Tournament Completed


We're writing from the American Mock Trial Association (AMTA). We'd like to introduce you to a new, completely free, introductory tournament series called the Community College Clash.

While AMTA hosts 32 regional tournaments, eight opening round championship tournaments and a national championship tournament each season for approximately 700 teams from over 400 universities and colleges will compete in these tournaments, community, vocational, and technical colleges are underrepresented.

An informal survey revealed two potential causes: a somewhat high barrier to entry (students have to compete on teams, not as individuals) and a lack of outreach from AMTA. The skills developed in college mock trial--teamwork, legal knowledge, trial advocacy, case analysis--are hugely beneficial portable skills and we want to ensure as many students as possible have access to them. This free, online tournament series is our attempt at correcting this.

That's why we're hosting two zero-cost, no-judge-required, Zoom tournaments using one of our community's favorite civil cases for teams of 4-5. One tournament is on 10/14-15/23 (two rounds each day, one on plaintiff and the other on defense) and the second is on 12/9-10/23.

Here are details: https://www.collegemocktrial.org/tournaments-/community-college-clash/

If you know a group of competitors who are interested in attending, our October team registration form is up: https://forms.gle/qTksWabbLZtQZ62p7.

If you know individuals with legal experience who might be interested in judging (not required to attend!), we have an October judging registration form: https://forms.gle/qG5Pjo65CdJA2qXL9

Thank you for your consideration! Our inbox is always open if you have questions. We don't think mock trial is a replacement for debate--it's a supplement, to help students reach new audiences and receive complementary feedback. Please email amta.ccc[at]collegemocktrial.org if you have any questions.