Welcome to the home page for the 2017 Winter is Coming - Part 2 tournament hosted by WYO-CC's on Dec 3, 2017 for College students.

Status: Tournament Completed

Winter is Coming: 2017

Dear Colleagues,

Western Wyoming Community College would like to extend a warm welcome and invitation to attend our end-of-semester tournament.  The tournament will be held December 1-3.

Winter is Coming will feature two tournaments:

The first tournament will offer NPDA or IPDA (5 rounds with appropriate elimination rounds) as well as a 2 prelim round IE tournament (all 11 AFA events) with finals (semi’s if numbers allow).  We will attempt to offer novice and open levels but reserve the right to collapse if needed. 

The second tournament will be another one day AFA IE tournament with 2 prelim rounds and finals.  This tournament will be open only.  We will run semi –final rounds as needed.

We plan to have you on the road as quickly as possible on Sunday to ensure that we limit your late night drive in early December.

We are excited to announce that Mike Middleton, Director of Forensics at the University of Utah, has agreed to tabulate debate and Jeannie Hunt, Director of Forensics at Northwest College, has agreed to tabulate both IE tournaments!

Western Wyoming Community College is located in southwestern Wyoming.  We are located right off of Interstate 80.  We have all of the basics needed to host a great tournament.  What we don’t have is an abundance of judges.  We will gladly hire (cash day-of) qualified judges for this tournament.

We hope you will consider joining us!



Kristy McManus

Assistant Professor of Communication/Forensics

Western Wyoming Community College

(307) 382-1874



Winter is Coming: Tournament Regulations


Any regularly enrolled full-time college student in good academic standing is eligible to attend this tournament.                 

Eligibility standards for AFA and NPDA will be adhered to.

Entry Procedure:

Entries will be accepted via forensicstournament.net.  The entry deadline will be Tuesday, November 28 at 5 PM.  Changes and drops may be made without penalty until noon on Thursday, November 30th.  After this time, only drops (no changes) will be accepted.  Any drops after NOON ON THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 30TH will be assessed a $25 penalty per dropped entry.


Awards will be given for all finalists in all categories of competition.  Two third place awards will be presented in all divisions of debate.  Top 10 speakers will be recognized in debate as well.  We will also have top 3 Overall Sweepstakes awards as well as top Community College.

Individual event points: 1st – 20 points, 2nd – 10 points, 3rd – 5 points, 4th-6th – 2 points, semifinalist (non-advancing) – 1 point.

Debate points – 5 points per preliminary round win in IPDA and NPDA.


Coffee and light breakfast foods will be provided every morning in the wellness room.   There will also be water and snacks available in the wellness room.  We WILL NOT be providing all meals at this tournament but will allow time for meals. 


We will be very tight on judges.  (This is the weekend before finals for us – faculty and administration will not be able to help).  Please bring your judges!  Because of the need to hire judges, we will be charging $100 fee for each debate team not covered and/or for each 6 individual events not covered.  One judge covers 2 NPDA teams, 2 IPDA debaters and 6 IE slots.  All judges are expected to remain available for judging through all finals.

Practices and Standards: 

WWCC subscribes to and will abide by the NPDA rules and bylaws, the IPDA Constitution and bylaws and the AFA Code of Standards.  Both tournaments will be sanctioned tournaments with NPDA and AFA.

Individual Events: 

Students may enter up to three (3) individual events per pattern, but must accept any hardships created by multiple entries.  Please see the AFA-NIET guidelines for specific rules pertaining to individual events.  We will offer novice if entries permit.  If not, we will collapse to open.

                Pattern A – Extemp, Informative, After Dinner Speaking, Prose, and Poetry

                Pattern B – Impromptu, Persuasive, Communication Analysis, Duo, Dramatic, and POI


There will be 5 preliminary rounds for both NPDA and IPDA with appropriate elimination rounds based on entry.   IPDA will strike in round with 30 minutes prep time.  In NPDA, an open and novice division will be offered, entries permitting.  IPDA will just have an open division. 

NPDA topic announcement will begin promptly as indicated by the schedule with 20 minutes prep time.  All teams will be given a prep room.  An appropriate number of judge strikes will be offered.


                ***I am dropping our fees hoping that you can all bring extra judges***

                NPDA                                    $10/team

                IPDA                                      $10/debater

                IE’s                                         $5/slot

                Uncovered Judges          $100 per NPDA team, 6 IE slots, or two IPDA debaters

Tournament Hotel:

We will not have a tournament hotel for our tournament but here are a few of our trusted hotels:

La Quinta Inn                                                     My Place Hotel                                                  Holiday Inn

2717 Dewar Drive                                             700 Gateway BLVD                                          1675 Sunset Drive

307-362-1770                                                     307-362-5977                                                     307-382-9200

Hotel right off the interstate.                     Close to campus.                                              Centrally located hotel.

Budget hotel with good breakfast.           Kitchenettes – no breakfast.                      Restaurant – no breakfast.

Contact Information:

                Kristy McManus               (O) 307-382-1874              (C) 307-871-9625              kmcmanus@westernwyoming.edu

Tournament Facilitation:

The tournament directors reserve the right to make any decisions necessary to facilitate the timely and accurate completion of the tournament(s).


Campus Information:

                A map of our campus: https://www.wwcc.wy.edu/admissions/pdf/map22006.pdf

                College Address: 2500 College Drive

                Tournament Registration: At the Pendulum (right outside the college bookstore and near the T-Rex Grill)

                I will announce tab room, extemp prep, topic announce, and prep rooms the week of the tournament via email.


We will once again be holding our blanket drive at this tournament.  We are partnering with the Family Justice Center in Rock Springs, WY to help provide blankets for families in need – especially families that are entering into the Safe House or transitioning to community housing.  Our blanket drive last year provided over 100 blankets!  These blankets were given to children as they entered the Safe House after a traumatic event.  The power of a blanket to provide warmth, safety, and security to these children is amazing!

We hope that you will join us in this challenge.  We will provide an award to the school that donates the most blankets with certificates for the top 3 schools that donate.

Please help us to make a difference in the lives of our community members!






Friday, Dec. 1

8:00 Topic Announce: Round One

8:20-9:30 Round One: NPDA Debate

9:30 Topic Announce: Round Two

9:50-11:00 Round Two: NPDA Debate

11:00 Topic Announce: Round Three

11:20-12:15 Round Three: NPDA Debate

12:15-1:15 LUNCH BREAK –provided

1:15 Topic Announce: Round Four

1:35-2:45 Round Four: NPDA Debate

2:45 Topic Announce: Round Five

3:05-4:15 – Round Five: NPDA Debate  

4:20 Elim 1 Topic Announce

4:40-5:45 Elim 1: NPDA Debate

5:50 Elim 2 Topic Announce

6:10-7:05 Elim 2: NPDA Debate

7:10 Elim 3 Topic Announce

7:30-8:45 Elim 3: NPDA Debate










Saturday, Dec. 2

8:00 – Extemp Draw

8:15-9:30 – Pattern A, Round 1

9:30-10:45 – Pattern B, Round 1

10:45-12:00 – Pattern B, Round 2

12:00-1:15 – Lunch

            Elim 4: NPDA (if needed)

1:00 – Extemp Draw

1:15-2:30 – Pattern A, Round 2

2:30-3:45 – Pattern B Finals (semifinals if needed)

3:45- Extemp Draw

4:00-5:15 – Pattern A Finals

5:30 – Awards


Sunday, Dec. 3

8:00 – Extemp Draw

8:15-9:30 – Pattern A, Round 1

9:30-10:45 – Pattern B, Round 1

10:45-12:00 – Pattern B, Round 2

12:00-1:00 – Lunch

1:00 – Extemp Draw

1:15-2:30 – Pattern A, Round 2

2:30-3:45 – Pattern B Finals (semifinals if needed)

3:45- Extemp Draw

4:00-5:15 – Pattern A Finals

5:30 – Awards




None set

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