Welcome to the home page for the 2018 Western States Communication Association Forensics Tournament tournament hosted by Santa Clara University on Feb 16-18, 2018 for College students.

Status: Tournament Completed


February 16-18, 2018

Hosted by

Santa Clara University

This year we are fortunate enough to be joining Melan Jaich at Santa Clara University.




NPDA:                        Junior and Open Divisions (with sufficient entries)

NPDA format (7-8-8-8-4-5) Prep time 20 minutes (3 minute forfeit rule)

No ‘flex time’ during the debates

NPDA eligibility guidelines will be followed.


Individual Events:       Junior and Open Divisions (with sufficient entries). Competitors may enter a maximum of three events per pattern. Students with multiple entries in a pattern are responsible for getting to their competition rooms on time. Events with more than 30 participants will have a semifinal round. AFA competition rules and eligibility guidelines will be followed. In all IEs, a minimum of two rounds will be held.


IPDA:                                     Junior and Open Divisions (with sufficient entries)

IPDA format (5-2-6-2-3-5-3). Prep time 30 minutes

IPDA rules and guidelines will be followed


NFA LD:                    (6-3-7-3-6-6-3; 4 minutes prep) One open division (with sufficient entries.) 2017-18 resolution is:

                                    “Resolved: the United States federal government should substantially increase the regulation of state and/or local police misconduct in the United States.”


Patterns:                      Pattern A: Extemp, Informative, ADS, Prose, POI, Poetry; NFA LD

Pattern B: Impromptu, Persuasive, CA, DI, Duo, NFA LD







School/Team Eligibility

To compete at the tournament, students must be enrolled in a collegiate debate organization recognized by and in good standing with their home university. Tournaments are open to any regularly enrolled undergraduate in a two-year or four-year college or university in good standing with and representing the school’s debate team/club.


Contestant Eligibility

The eligibility guidelines of the respective sanctioning organizations for each competitive event will determine the eligibility of individual competitors to take part in the WSCA tournament. No contestant may enter the tournament unless representing a school/team that meets the requirements identified above.




Students may enter no more than three individual events per pattern; or they may participate in NFA LD debate. A student may not enter both LD and IEs; they MAY enter IEs and NPDA Debate (or IPDA Debate).




1.         Each institution must provide adequate judging to cover their entries. Obligations are as follows:

            a. One judge covers two NPDA or IPDA debate teams. One judge covers 5 IE slots per pattern OR two LD entries.

            b. All debate judges are committed through the first full elimination debate and/or one round past their school’s elimination from the tournament. All IE judges are obligated through finals.

            c. Failure of a school to meet its judging obligation may result in the withdrawal of that institution’s students and/or the assignment of judging fees.

2.         We will gladly hire you if you can judge beyond your commitment. If you know of qualified individuals who would like to be hired, please have them contact the Speech Activities Coordinator.

3.         Disclosure: Disclosure is at the discretion of the judge in debate rounds and should follow the return of the ballot. Critics may disclose as much or as little information as they see fit so long as it does not interfere with the tournament schedule. Delays caused by coaches/judges may, at the tournament director’s discretion, result in penalties to that school’s teams including removal from the tournament. We don’t want to do it, so don’t put us in a position where we would need to do it. NOTE TO JUDGES: All debate rounds must have one winner and one loser.


Practices and Standards

The WSCA Tournament subscribes to and will abide by the NPDA and IPDA rules and bylaws for debate, and the AFA Code of Standards.


Brackets will be broken in the pairing of elimination rounds of Parli and NFA-LD. As per the IPDA bylaws, brackets will not be broken in IPDA.  



Competitor Awards

At minimum, the WSCA tournament will recognize and provide awards for the finalists in each division of debate, the top three IE competitors in each IE event, and the top junior competitor in each IE event.


Tournament Sweepstakes

At minimum, sweepstakes awards will be awarded to the top two four-year and the top 2 two-year institutions competing in the WSCA tournament.


Sweepstakes awards will be based on the following point system:



1st Place IE: 10 points

2nd Place IE: 8 points

3rd Place: 6 points

IE Finalists: 4 points

IE Semi-Finalist: 2 points



Debate sweepstakes will be awarded 5 points for each preliminary win for the top four teams/entries from any one school in each division.


“Best in the West” Traveling Trophy

Schools participating in the WSCA tournament are encouraged to submit their sweepstakes results to the SAC for calculating the “Best in the West” (BITW) traveling trophy. In order to be considered in the calculation for this award, invitational tournaments must conclude prior to the start of the WSCA tournament, must calculate both debate and IE events into their sweepstakes calculations, and may not include any event not hosted by the WSCA tournament into their sweepstakes calculations. The sweepstakes results from the WSCA tournament will also be calculated as part of the BITW award. Finally, in order to be awarded the BITW trophy, a school must be competing at the WSCA tournament.


The BITW award will be calculated using the following system:

a. Using whatever means each submitting tournament determines for their sweepstakes awards, schools submitting results should create an ordinal list of schools (based on their sweepstakes formula) that combines performance in WSCA-sanctioned debate and individual speaking events. No events that are not held at the WSCA tournament may be included in the calculation of these rankings.

b. The SAC will divide these ordinal lists into quintiles, placing remainders into the highest quintile until all schools are assigned a quintile ranking for the tournament submitting results.

c. The SAC will assign points to schools for each tournament based on their quintile placement using the following scale: 1st quintile = 7 points, 2nd quintile = 5 points, 3rd quintile = 3 points, 4th quintile = 1 point, 5th quintile = 0 points.

d. Placings will be based on the results from three tournaments: each school’s placing at their two best qualifying tournaments and the WSCA tournament.

e.) Ties will be broken based upon placing at the WSCA tournament.




School Fee                                           $50.00 per school

NPDA Debate                                     $50.00 per team

IE’s                                                     $8.00 per slot/$16 for Duo

NFA-LD & IPDA                              $20.00 per debater

Hired Judges                                       $75.00 per uncovered debate team

$15.00 per uncovered IE slot

$30.00 per uncovered LD debater


Fees will be assessed as of 10:00 p.m. on Tuesday, February 13, 2018.

Please make checks payable to the Western State Communication Association and            write “Forensics Tournament Fees” in the memo



Entries must be received by 10:00 p.m. MST on Tuesday, February 13, 2018; Changes will be allowed on ForensicsTournament.net until 11:00pm MST Wednesday, February 14.


Any changes after Wednesday, February 14, should be e-mailed to Jason Jordan



Entries will be facilitated through ForensicsTournament.net



Forensics Showcase

The Western Forensics and Argumentation interest group will sponsor a showcase of IE events during the WSCA convention. If you have students that might be able to participate in this event, please let us know at registration Thursday night.



The tournament will not be providing food. There are several food options available near or on campus, and a lunch break is built into the schedule on Saturday.



There is not a ‘tournament hotel’ for the 2018 WSCA tournament.











Friday, February 16th

Noon-1:30PM: NPDA, IPDA, LD, and IE Registration


4:30PM: NPDA/IPDA Rd 2

6:00PM: NPDA/IPDA Rd 3



Saturday, February 17th

7AM: Late registration for schools not competing in NPDA or IPDA

8AM (EXT Draw)

8:30AM: Pattern A round 1, LD Rd 1

9:45AM: Pattern B round 1, LD Rd 2


12:30PM-1:30PM: Lunch Break

1:30 PM: Pattern B round 2, LD Rd 3

2:45PM: NPDA/IPDA Elim 1

4:15PM: NPDA/IPDA Elim 2

5:45PM: NPDA/IPDA Elim 3

7:15PM: NPDA/IPDA Elim 4 (if needed)


Sunday, February 18th

8AM: Extemp Draw

8:30AM: Pattern A round 2, LD Rd 4

9:45AM: Pattern B Semis/Finals, LD Elim 1

11:00AM: Extemp Draw

11:30AM: Pattern A Semis/Finals, LD Elim 2

1:00PM: All remaining Finals, LD Elim 3

3:00PM or ASAP: Awards



None set

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