Welcome to the home page for the 2018 Watson Lancer Invitational tournament hosted by Pasadena City College on Oct 27-28, 2018 for College students.

Status: Tournament Completed

Watson-Lancer Update:

1. No themed impromptu this year

2. We are lifting the entry limit on IPDA and LD.  You can enter more than 4 students in each category.  Students still cannot be double entered in both but as a school, you can enter as many as you’d like for each event as long as you bring judges to cover. 

UPDATE: We've added NFA-LD.  It will run in the same pattern as IPDA, which also runs counter to IEs.  Students cannot double-enter in LD and IPDA or LD and IEs.  They must choose between one of the three events (LD, IPDA, IE).  

We will post an updated schedule shortly.

Hello Colleagues!

 On behalf of the Lancer Speech and Debate team and staff, we would like to invite you and your team to the 45th annual Watson-Lancer Invitational. This annual tournament, held at Pasadena City College on October 27-28, will offer each of the Phi Rho Pi Individual Events, Parliamentary Debate, and IPDA.  Our campus is easily located and we will once again be working with one of finest tab rooms to bring you one of the best tournaments in Southern California!  

*IMPORTANT NOTE: Competition rooms may be spread all over the campus. The C building will still be the hub of the tournament, but we may to have to get very creative with spaces. Prepare your students to endure some walking, performing in small spaces, performing in enormous spaces, and possibly outside. If it looks like rooms will become problematic then we may have to adopt an event ranking system (like Fall/Spring Champs) to limit entries.

There are several important items for your attention:

1.     We will offer two divisions, Novice and Open, for all events. Please see page 2 for eligibility   definitions.

2.     IPDA will be offered this year in a double-flighted format and will conflict with both IE patterns. Due to space limitations, we will have to limit entries in this event to four competitors per school. If possible we will open up more slots as we get closer to the tournament date.

3.     Students may double enter in each individual event pattern.

4.     Entries will only be accepted through forensicstournment.net. All schools must be entered by 6:00pm on Tuesday, October 23.  You can still make changes to your entry online until 6:00pm on             Thursday, October 25. 

5.     We will offer 6 prelims of parli. Both will have Phi Rho Pi elim rounds.

6.     You may park in the student structure on the corner of Hill and Del Mar.   BUY A DAILY PARKING PERMIT for $2. Parking in the lot off of Bonnie is no longer allowed to visitors.


We will show our appreciation to judges and coaches by providing a well-stocked snack table throughout the weekend in the judges’ lounge.  If you plan to stay overnight a list of nearby motels is enclosed.  In addition, not far from campus is “Old Town,” a great place to explore and eat. Many of the restaurants are perfect for team dinners.

Contact Allan Axibal-Cordero:  aaxibalcordero@pasadena.edu if you have questions.

Tournament Documents