Welcome to the home page for the 2021 ACLA 2021 The Brave Invitational tournament hosted by ACLA (Online) on Mar 26, 2021 for Various students.

Status: Tournament Completed

ACLA The Brave Invitational Inhouse Event


a. (noun) a Native American Warrior

b. (adjective) ready to face and endure danger or pain; showing courage

ACLA, in collaboration with James Bird, is proud to present our March Speech and Debate tournament event: The Brave Invitational. Students will explore what it means to show courage in the face of adversity in a variety of Speech and Debate events. This tournament will celebrate a novel by James Bird, The Brave, which centers on an adolescent boy with a disorder who finds his voice and discovers that he is unique and special. Just like the character in The Brave, our students are learning to find their voice to overcome adversity and celebrate what makes them unique. We want to celebrate our students’ courage for engaging in an activity that many adults fear: public speaking. Students who place first in each event will receive a signed copy of The Brave. Live Events Video Competition Events SPAR Debate Storytelling Impromptu Original Narrative Prose Tournament Schedule Video Submissions Due: Tuesday March 23rd