Welcome to the home page for the 2021 International Public Debate Association Team IPDA National Championships (Virtual) tournament hosted by International Public Debate Association on Mar 27-28, 2021 for College students.

Status: Accepting Entries

2021 - Team IPDA National Tournament - There is a single Varsity division for TIPDA. Novices may enter this division. However, if a competitor has exceeded Varsity eligibility and must compete in the Professional division, then that competitor may not enter TIPDA.

TIPDA - Mule teams will be accepted (members from different schools).

The IPDA Convention Presentations, only, will be held on the Zoom platform. The tournament will run on the Jitsii platform.

  • Fri 02/12/21 5:00 pm Central
    Start registration (schools can begin registering competitors and judges)
  • Wed 03/17/21 6:00 pm Central
    Limit adds, changes, drops to existing schools only (no new schools can register)
  • Thu 03/25/21 12:00 pm Central
    Drops only (no new entries or changes allowed)