Welcome to the home page for the 2023 Talk Hawk Invitational, 15th Annual - Livermore, CA tournament hosted by Las Positas College on Feb 3-5, 2023 for College students.

Status: Tournament Completed

The 2023 Talk Hawk Invitational,

February 3-5 in Livermore, CA.  

Things You Need to Know Right Now:

Parking: Parking will be free in LOT A all weekend.  (located at the bottom of the campus, next to the theater building)

Campus Map: www.laspositascollege.edu/assets/docs/LPC-Campus-Map.pdf  Registration will take place in Building 1000, snacks and refreshments are located in Building 1600.  Free parking in LOT A.

Current LPC Covid Policy (updated 1/24/23) - On January 19, 2023 Alameda County entered the "Low Risk" zone for covid transmission.    Masks are currently recommended, but voluntary.   Guests/visitors at Las Positas College do not have to be vaccinated to attend events on campus.  

Food - Unlike past years, Las Positas College does not have the necessary staff to keep the cafeteria open on Saturday and Sunday for lunch.    While the hosts will provide light snacks, coffee and water during the day it will be up to team to find their own lunches.  A quick google search will identify local establishments, but they all require a drive.   Please plan accordingly for a team runner who can do a food run if needed.


     * Tab - Room 1013

     * Judges Lounge - Room 1012

Parli Prep

*Chabot College - Room 1001;

*Diablo Valley College  - Room 1003;

*San Joaquin Delta College - Room 1006;

*Solano Community College - Room 1007;

*University of the Pacific - Room 1008;

Extemp Prep - On Sunday we will use Room 1004 for Extemp Prep, but you can also find your topics at: https://extemproom.com/TalkHawk23      Join Code: TalkHawk23       When in doubt, go to Room 1004 and you'll receive instructions on how to navigate the online prep page, or you can simply do it in person.  Your choice!

Hello Extempers! Welcome to Talk Hawk 2023! Extemp prep is 1004! We will be trying a new type of prep today. Please get to 1004 5 minutes early. Here is a guide for the online prep tool we will be using today https://tinyurl.com/TalkHawk2023

Questions?   Please feel free to contact Tim Heisler (209) 765-7260 theisler@laspositascollege or Jim Dobson (510) 384-9525 jdobson@laspositascollege.edu and we will be happy to come up with some answers for you!


R1: The United States Federal Government should significantly increase efforts to combat wage theft. (Announced at 8:01am)

R2: The United States Federal  government should significantly increase efforts to punish financial crime. (Announced 9:30am)

R3: The Stop the Steal movement has failed. (Announced 11:17am)

R4: United States financial institutions continue to provide inadequate cybersecurity. (Announced 1:47p)

R5: The State of California should significantly increase efforts to stop shoplifting. (Announced 3:31p)


E1: The United States Federal government should steal the moon. (Announced 5:09pm)

E2: The United States should clean out the vault.