Welcome to the home page for the 2020 Sunset Cliffs Classic tournament hosted by Point Loma Nazarene Univ on Feb 8-9, 2020 for College students.

Status: Tournament Completed

PLNU Sunset Cliffs Classic 2020 Revised Schedule NPDA, IE, & NFA/LD



7:00 – Registration (Cabrillo Hall)

8:00 -- R1 Topic

8:20 -- Round 1 NPDA

9:40 -- R2 Topic

10:00 -- Round 2 NPDA

11:10 -- R3 Topic

11:30 -- Round 3 NPDA

12:30 -- LUNCH

1:25 -- R4 Topic

1:45 -- Round 4 NPDA

2:45 – Extemp Draw

3:00 -- Round 1 LD/Pattern A

4:25 -- R5 Topic

4:45 -- Round 5 NPDA

5:45 – Extemp Draw

6:00 -- Round 2 LD/Pattern A

7:25 -- Elim 1 Topic

7:45 -- NPDA Octos



8:00 -- LD Round 3

9:00 -- Elim 2 Topic

9:20 -- NPDA Quarters

10:30 -- Round 4 LD // Round 1 Pattern B

11:55 -- Elim 3 Topic

12:15 -- NPDA Semis

1:15 -- Quarters LD // Round 2 Pattern B

2:40 -- Elim #4 Topic

3:00 -- NPDA Finals

4:00 – Extemp Draw

4:15 -- IE Finals // LD Semis

ASAP -- LD Finals

6:00/ASAP -- AWARDS in Crill Performance Hall Auditorium

Dear Colleagues:

The Point Loma Nazarene University forensics squad is pleased to invite you to our annual SUNSET CLIFFS CLASSIC Invitational forensics tournament.  The tournament will be Saturday and Sunday, February 8-9, 2020.  We hope you can come enjoy our beautiful seaside campus and the typically sunny weather.   San Diego State University will not be offering their Individual Events Swing on Friday, but they will be hosting Pi Kappa Delta Nationals in March, so visit San Diego early to see and be seen, and well, because it is San Diego.  And sadly, this might be the last PLNU Sunset Cliffs as our traditional weekend is being taken from us in order for the school to host homecoming in future years.


We will offer open and novice division competition in all eleven AFA individual events (collapsing some events should numbers so dictate); five rounds of Junior and Senior divisions of Parliamentary Debate; junior and senior divisions of NFA LD debate if numbers allow; plus one division of British Parliamentary Debate, with a possible break out Novice elimination round should those numbers allow.


  • British Parliamentary Debate Note:  This year we will again offer a combined division of British Parliamentary Debate as it has gone so well the last few years.  Due to the longer scheduled number of and time of rounds though, students and judges in BP debate cannot be involved in other forms of debate or individual events at the Sunset Cliffs. As mentioned above we may try to carve out a novice Final Round should the number of novices justify that. 


·         Electronic Debate Balloting this year: Mike Middleton has again agreed to run debate tab for us in NPDA Parli, and will be using electronic ballots.  So judges for Parli debate are required to have an electronic phone or tablet or lap top capable of receiving emails to qualify as judges, and bring a charger please.  Judges should not be on line during the actual debate rounds though, for any reason, including but not limited to social media, fact checking, etc. . . You may flow on your electronic device if you are a judge. This added note from Mike:  Additional instructions about email balloting will be provided once registration has closed. However, please ensure that you supply an email address in the judge notes for each judge you enter AND please be sure it is an email that can be accessed throughout the tournament.


·         Topic Areas and Recommendations:  The President’s State of the Union Address will be offered a week prior to the tournament, and we will continue to draw Parliamentary debate topics from the address for the Sunset Cliffs Parli rounds.  Coaches and students are invited to submit recommended topics for our consideration.  Those submissions should be in by February 6th, 2020 (2 days after the address). We suspect that there might be controversial issue or two raised that will hopefully lend themselves to spirited, collegial and respectful intercollegiate debate.


  • Some noteworthy attractions of the Sunset Cliffs Classic include:

·         Strong competition with diverse regional representation and quality judging.

·         A picturesque ocean front campus.

·         Two $3,000.00 scholarships for the top community college competitors (one each for debate & IE’s) for tuition remission at PLNU the following year.

·         Attractive trophies.

·         Enjoyable food nearby, and especially in the judges area for judges and coaches.

·         Did I mention the ocean?  It bears repeating.

·         No guarantee on chamber of commerce, post card weather, but it will likely be better than where y’all come in from. J


We look forward to you joining us this year.  Please let me know of any questions or concerns.





Dr. Skip Rutledge, Director of Forensics                        Julia Shotwell, ADOF       

skiprutledge@pointloma.edu                                            jshotwel@pointloma.edu

Cell  (619) 655-0112

Office (619) 849-2391       

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