Welcome to the home page for the 2020 The 2020 Speaker's Bowl tournament hosted by ISDA - International Speech and Debate Association on Aug 28-29, 2020 for Various students.

Status: Accepting Entries

The International Speech and Debate Association

Invites you and your team to attend the First Annual SPEAKER'S BOWL competition held online!

This will be an all-grade tournament for ELEMENTARY, MIDDLE SCHOOL and HIGH SCHOOL students (Plus our Coaches Cup Challenge)

Registration is now open.  The first two rounds of Debate will be on Friday afternoon starting at 4:30pm.  This is a perfect tournament to learn more about online tournaments! We are an experienced staff of online tournament runners and we have run several tournaments, starting back in March of 2020. Please see our best practices for more information on how to prepare for the tournament or contact us directly through email.

Events will include:


    Public Forum Debate (Sept/Oct NSDA topic) - Mid/High

    Lincoln Douglas Debate (Sept/Oct NSDA topic) - Mid/High

    Student Congress - All Grades

    SPAR - All Grades

            Congress bills will be released on Wednesday, August 12th 12:00 noon.


        Storytelling - All Grades

        Impromptu - All Grades

        Informative (w/VAs) - All Grades

        Poetry - All Grades

        Humorous Interpretation - Mid/High

        Dramatic Interpretation - Mid/High

        Declamation - Mid/High

        Original Oratory - Mid/High

        Original Prose and Poetry - Mid/High

        Extemporaneous Speaking (Single Entry Only)

    * Students may enter up to two different IE events in each pattern, with the exception of Extemp. There is no double entry in any of the debate patterns.


    Elementary Division - Fall 2020 2nd Grade through 5th Grade students

    Middle School Division - Fall 2020 6th Grade through 8th Grade students

    High School - Fall 2020 9th Grade through 12th Grade students

    Coaches - Active team coaches (having graduated High School) attending tournament


    $25 per student / per event         $10 per student for Speakers Bowl (Overall Speaker competition in each student division)     $10 for Coaches Cup entry

    Please contact Nova 42 Academy to make payments at 626-765-6609 after 2:00pm PST

SCHEDULE:   (All times PST)

    4:00pm - Registration, Judge Check-in and Training

    4:30pm - Pattern A Debate Round 1 - (PF, LD and MS/HS CONG)

    6:30pm - Pattern A Debate Round 2 - (PF, LD and MS/HS CONG)


     7:30am - Registration, Judge Check-in and Training

    8:00am - Pattern B IE Round 1 - MS/HS (EXT, HI, INF, OO, POE)

    8:30am - Pattern D ELEM Debate Round 1 - (ELEM CONG and SPAR)

    9:30am - Pattern C IE Round 1 - MS/HS (DEC, DI, IMP, OPP, SPAR)

    10:00am - Pattern D ELEM Debate Round 2 - (ELEM CONG and SPAR)

    10:30am - Pattern A Debate - Round 3 - (PF, LD and MS/HS CONG)

    11:30am - Pattern D ELEM Debate Round 3 - (ELEM CONG and SPAR)

    12:00 noon - Pattern B IE Round 2 - MS/HS (EXT, HI, INF, OO, POE)

    1:00pm - Pattern E ELEM IE Round 1 - (STRY, POE, IMP, INF)

    1:30pm - Pattern C IE Round 2 - MS/HS (DEC, DI, IMP, OPP, SPAR)

    2:00pm - Pattern E ELEM IE Round 2 - (STRY, POE, IMP, INF)

    2:30pm - Pattern A Debate - ELIM #1 - PF, LD and MS/HS CONG) - If Necessary

    3:00pm - Pattern E ELEM IE Round 3 - (STRY, POE, IMP, INF)

    3:30pm - Pattern B IE Round 3 - MS/HS (EXT, HI, INF, OO, POE)

    4:00pm - Pattern D ELEM Debate FINALS - (ELEM CONG and SPAR) - If Needed

    4:30pm - Pattern C IE Round 3 - MS/HS (DEC, DI, IMP, OPP, SPAR)

    5:00pm - Pattern E ELEM IE FINALS - (STRY, POE, IMP, INF) - If Necessary

    5:30pm - Pattern A Debate - ELIM #2 - (PF, LD and MS/HS CONG) - If Necessary

    6:30pm - Pattern B IE FINALS - MS/HS (EXT, HI, INF, OO, POE) - If Necessary

    7:00pm - Pattern C IE FINALS - MS/HS (DEC, DI, IMP, OPP, SPAR) - If Necessary

    8:00pm - Coaches Cup (Single Round)

    8:30pm AWARDS

Speaker's Bowl - Top 3 events considered for individual SB award. No crossover into other divisions allowed.

Students can enter up to two events per pattern except in Debate, Congress and Extemp.

This event will be limited to adult coaches who have graduated high school. Competitors may use a speech from any source, or use an improvisational speech. The material must be appropriate for all ages since students will be judging the event. Material deemed inappropriate by the tournament directors will need to be cleaned up or the coach will not be allowed to perform.  The event will be judged as an Individual Event. Coaches will designate prior to the start of the tournament which of their students will be eligible for judging this event.

Students must meet a few requirements in order to judge:

  1. Students must have competed in at least one competition. 

  2. Students must be available Saturday August 29th at 7pm. 

  3. Students must be in good standing with their academy or academic institution. 

  4. Students must be competitors at the Speakers Bowl. 

For more information please contact mike@nova42.com

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