Welcome to the home page for the 2020 Skerve Individual PDT 2 tournament hosted by Verve on Jul 30, 2020 for High School students.

Status: Tournament Completed

Hello fellow Skervians! Verve is hosting a second online individual Parli tournament on July 30, 2020. Here are all of the pertinent details:

We will hold all rounds on the Discord server to which you will be added once you have registered. We will hold Google Hangouts in reserve for those having technical difficulties with Discord.

The format of this tournament is based off of IPDA (single person parliamentary debate). Unless explicitly clarified here, the rounds will be governed by the Stoa Parliamentary Debate Rules.

Immediately after the resolution is announced, debaters will have 15 minutes of preparation time to prepare their case. Debaters may choose to prepare by themselves or in groups in the designated voice channels on the server. Since all rounds will have resolutions chosen via a strike system, debaters should time their own prep. Time starts once the resolution for their round has been decided on. 

Speech times are as follows:

1st Government Constructive - 5 minutes

Opp. Flex Time - 2 minutes

1st Opposition Constructive - 6 minutes

Gov. Flex Time - 2 minutes

1st Government Rebuttal - 3 minutes

1st Opposition Rebuttal - 5 minutes

Final Government Rebuttal - 3 minutes

The “flex time” after the first two speeches may be used for cross examination, prep time, or any combination of the two. There are no external sources (including internet access) allowed during flex time (or at any point in the round). Debaters must begin speaking within 10 seconds after their opponent finishes speaking or their flex time ends. 

Points of Information (POIs) are permitted during the constructive speeches, barring the first and last minutes of these speeches, which are protected time. Points of Order (POOs) are permitted at any time throughout the round. 

The rounds will be flighted so that the opposition debaters from Flight B will judge Flight A, and the opposition debaters from Flight A will then judge Flight B. Judging assignments will be announced by tab (AKA Ainsley) with postings. Seeing as we are all friends, or at least relatively well acquainted with one another, and are all members of either Skagit or Verve, the only judging conflicts considered will be sibling conflicts. There will be no state, club, or sibling protect for matchups. 

We will hold 4 preliminary rounds and break all winning records (which means we will likely be breaking to semis). Outrounds will be judged by panels, and resolutions for outrounds will be chosen via strike system. Powermatching will begin in round 2 and will be based off of accumulative record.

Due to the fact that the use of video tends to slow down the effectiveness of Discord, we would encourage everyone to keep their camera off.

We hope you join in, because it is seriously going to be so fun.

Feel free to contact Aidan or Ainsley if you have any questions!