Welcome to the home page for the 2019 SCJFL 2nd Quarter Speech Only Tournament tournament hosted by Walter Reed Middle School on Dec 6, 2019 for Middle School students.

Status: Tournament Completed

2019 SCJFL 2nd Quarter Speech Only Tournament


On Friday, December 6, 2019, Walter Reed Middle School will be hosting the second speech tournament of the 2019-2020 school year, and we hope that your school or organization will be joining us.

Location: 4525 Irvine Avenue, North Hollywood, CA 91602


There is a large parking lot by the side of the school and street parking. Please be aware that school ends at 3:02 pm. Traffic around the school will be heavy around this time. (If possible, please try to avoid having students roaming around the school before the end of the regular school day.)


You may register competitors at: 


We will close entries on Tues. Dec. 3rd at noon, PST.


—Storytelling (5 min.)

—SPAR (open and novice divisions, but may collapse divisions if entries warrant)

—Informative (5 min., visual aids are permitted)

—Duo (10 min.)

—Poetry (7 min.; uses a binder)

—Dramatic Interp (10 min.)

—Speech to Entertain (5 min.)

—Extemp (30+7 min.)

Round 1 - Sports

Round 2 - Pop culture

Round 3 - Domestic news

Final Round - Foreign news

—Program Oral Interp (10 min.)

—Impromptu (7 min. bank)

Round 1 - Definitions

Round 2 - Famous People (Novice/Rookie)/Famous Events (Open)

Round 3 - Idioms

Final Round - Abstract Nouns

Students may enter up to two events.  For a complete list of rules, please visit the SCJFL.org website and click on RULES & BY-LAWS.

Please be aware that because of regulations, we cannot admit your students to the campus before the end of the school day (3:02 pm); however, we can admit you to the auditorium where your students may sit. However, please be aware that our music students will be having class in the auditorium at this time so if you decide to wait inside, they should be forewarned that they may not disrupt the instruction. (They may, however, relax and enjoy the music.) Thanks!

Upon arrival, competitors should wait in the auditorium area for the 3:45 pm announcements. Coaches and/or parents should supervise their students in the auditorium unless/until they need to report to the cafeteria for judges’ training.  

Division Requirements: 

Open division is available for any middle school contestants.

Novice division is only available for contestants who have participated in four or fewer forensic tournaments and who have never advanced into finals or received an award.

Rookie division is only available for contestants who have never before attempted any event at any tournament setting.


$10 per individual entry (Duo is $20)

Please make checks payable to “Walter Reed.” 

Judge fee: $20 per uncovered slot (see more explanation below)

Changes or drops after Wednesday December 4, 2019 at 6pm will be charged a $10 nuisance fee for each change or drop.

League Fees: 

Teams that have not paid league fees, given proof of insurance, or signed up a tab staff volunteer will not be eligible for this tournament.  Please contact league treasurer Stella Gu to bring your account current: sguus68@gmail.com.

Judging Requirements: 

Each participating school or organization is being asked to supply 1 judge per 5 entries. Judging names and cell phone numbers should be submitted at the time of registration. If you need to register judges but don’t know their names yet, please use your school name with a number to indicate the judges you will be providing (i.e. Wilshire judge 1; Wilshire judge 2; etc.). $20 per uncovered slot (if a team has 7 events/slots and only one judge, the judge would cover 5 of their slots, leaving 2 slots uncovered.  Since the fee is $20 per uncovered slot, the judge fee would be $40.  If no judge were provided, the fee would be $140).  

Please remember that judge training is the responsibility of the school entering that judge.  While we will briefly recap some of the events, the majority of the training should be done by the school entering that judge.  As per the league by-laws, teams who provide untrained judges can be charged penalty fees.


3:30 – All schools meet in the gym for announcements and postings

3:30 – Extemp prep

3:45 – Round 1

5:00 – Extemp prep

5:15 – Round 2

6:30 – Extemp prep

6:45 – Round 3

8:15 – Extemp prep

8:30 – Final Round

9:30 – Awards


Pizza, chips, drinks, and snacks can be purchased from our volunteers. Profits will be donated to our Speech and Debate team to help fund our program throughout the year.  

We will provide dinner for volunteers, judges, and coaches. However, family members of judges and volunteers will need to bring or buy their meals and will not be allowed in the Judging Room (cafeteria).

Postings Postings will be on the walls outside the auditorium.

At present, we are planning for events to be held in three areas: A-building, B-building, and the C-arcade. Please make sure students/judges know that volunteers in green Walter Reed National Junior Honor Society t-shirts will be on hand to help direct and assist guests. 

If you know of anyone who may need our elevator to access the second floor, please let Kate Miller know ahead of time (if possible).

Rules: All rules can be found in the SCJFL by-laws at SCJFL.org

Tournament host: Kate Miller (Walter Reed Middle School)

Tournament director: Mike Kyle (Nova 42)

Questions, comments, concerns?  Feel free to send an email to Kate Miller at millerihp6@gmail.com. I will be happy to answer any questions.