Welcome to the home page for the 2018 SCJFL 3rd Quarter Speech + Congress tournament hosted by Emerson Community Charter on Feb 23, 2018 for Middle School students.

Status: Tournament Completed

Check out the links below to our food trucks for student meals.  A separate complementary meal will be served to judges in the lounge.  

Greetings, SCJFL coaches!

The Emerson community is delighted to host our third SCJFL speech tournament!  Please make note of the following:

(1) There are changes to the Creative Duo event this year.  As in the past, the conventions of DUO apply (no props, no costumes, no direct focus after the introduction. No table, no chairs), but the event is now 7 minutes max.  In addition, we are adding writing awards.  That award may go to one or both of the performers or it may go to a third student who has collaborated with the duo performers.  A manuscript must be submitted for consideration in the writing award category at registration. Student writers must be registered in Pattern B to be eligible for an award.

(2) We are offering 3 NSDA events: Impromptu, Congress, and Declamation.  

(3) Program Oral Interpretation will also be offered. This event is not yet offered at middle school NATS but it will be offered at CHAMPS in May.

(4) Congress.  Bills and Resolutions will be released on February 1st.  Congress will go 3 rounds.  There will be two judges for the first two rounds, three judges for the final round. Ten students will break to final round.  The first round of Congress will be posted at 3:45 PM.  If you have studetns in Congress, please supply judge with experience in judging that event - that would really help.

(5) Impromptu:  The rounds have been themed in this way:

  • idioms and common expressions 
  • pop culture trends & personalities 
  • current events and world leaders 
  • "The Wisdon of Harry Potter" (quotes)

(6) In order to stay on schedule, and in light of the 10-minute time allowance for DEC and POI, we will assign five competitors in those rooms.  The top 20% of entries in each category will break to final round.  

(7) Please read our invite carefully about PARKING on campus.  No buses should unload in front of the school on Selby Avenue.  The NORTH driveway is for cars, vans, private vehicles; the SOUTH Driveway is for buses only.  Please advise your bus driver!  (Look for more parking details in the invitation attached below and on the campus maps.)

(8)  *Added 2/10/18: Please send requests for double entires waiting list, asap.  

With warm wishes, 

Lily Parker & Iain Lampert


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