Tournament Entries

# School Location
1 Academy of Higher Learning Tarzana, CA
2 Kudos College of Youth Leadership TEMPLE CITY, CA
3 Nova 42 Academy Pasadena, CA
4 Perfect Score Academy Granada Hills, CA
5 Roosevelt Elementary San Gabriel, CA
6 Wilshire Academy LOS ANGELES, CA

Pattern A

Pattern B

# School Judge Debate Individual Events
1 Wilshire Beckham Costino No Yes
2 Wilshire Yuna Choi Yes Yes
3 Nova 42 Daniel Kyle Yes Yes
4 Kudos Leadership Christina Feng Yes No
5 Roosevelt Isaac Rowell Yes Yes
6 Roosevelt Molly Angely Yes Yes
7 Roosevelt Jason Wu Yes Yes
8 Roosevelt Gabriel Sundaramoorthy Yes Yes
9 Roosevelt Joey Huang Yes Yes
10 Wilshire Julia Gong No Yes
Judge Philosophies