Welcome to the home page for the 2022 Riverfest Swing tournament hosted by Park University and Ottawa University (Kansas) on Oct 14-16, 2022 for College students.

Status: Tournament Completed




Go up the hill to the right towards the Plaster Center and make a right past the Plaster Center.  At a stop sign that forks, make a left and enter the second entrance to the underground (with lights on!).  Drive until you see a yellow pole on the left and make a left.  Drive until you would drive into a wall and make a left.  Please no casualties!  Continue  to the first stop sign and make a right and then park.  Walk back out on the main road until you see the sign that says "Welcome to Park University".  We'll be to the right.

Ahoy Mateys! Support Next GEN K-12 Speech & Debate (home school club) with a Taco Bar at the McCoy Meetin' House Saturday Night right before the Awards! Dinner will include corn and flour tortillas, taco beef  and chicken, rice and beans, all the toppings, corny bread, baby greens with hot chocolate and a homemade cookie bar for dessert!

All for $9 per person! 

Be ready to talk like a Pirate and join us! 

You may pay with cash or venmo, or use this Stripe link: 


Advance purchase or reservations are not necessary but much appreciated. We aim to please.  Email us with questions at janine.wilkins@park.edu

NOTE: Remember that we accept tournament fees with credit card -- use this square code:



IPDA/Extemp/Radio Draw in AP380

Saturday, October 15

 IPDA/Extemp/Radio Draw in AP380

 8:15                    Extemp Draw
8:45–10:30       Round 1 Pattern A (Extemp, Radio, Pers, DI, Poetry, Info, Prose, Duo Improv)
9 am                  Radio draw
10:30-noon      Round 1 Pattern B (Imp, POI, Duo, ADS, CA, Interviewing, Public Narrative)
noon-1:15        Lunch Break AND Finals Novice IPDA
1:15                   Extemp Draw
1:45                   Radio draw
1:45--3:30        Round 2 Pattern A
3:30-4:45          Round 2 Pattern B
4:45                   Extemp Draw for Finals
5:15                    Radio draw for finals
5:15-7:00          Finals Patterns A and B
7:00p.m. Dinner and “Talk like a Pirate” contest
Awards (As soon as possible)


Dear Forensics Colleagues,

The Park University and Ottawa University chapters of Pi Kappa Delta invite you to the in-person (!) Riverfest Swing on the campus of Park University in Parkville, MO—minutes from the Missouri River, Kansas City and MCI International Airport.

Hosting debate on Friday, Oct. 14th and Individual Events and Elimination Rounds, Oct. 15th the Park half will feature six-preliminary rounds of IPDA (including if warranted professional) 4 rounds of TIPDA, 4 rounds of LD and all 11 AFA events, plus Interviewing, Duo Improv, Public Narrative, and Radio.

Hosting the second half of the individual events swing on October 16th, Ottawa University too offers traditional AFA events as well as NFA-LD.

All Interviewing competitors must submit résumé to tournament director (lora.cohn@park.edu) no later than October 7th at 5:00 pm (CT). We will give feedback on résumés for all competitors as well as two rounds of interviews plus a finals round judged on both interview and résumé. Judges and competitors must be entered on Forensicstournament.net (for each half of the swing) by Monday, Oct. 10th, 2021 at 5:00 pm (CT).

Please contact us with any questions. We hope you can join the Pirates & Otters this October!

Dr. Lora Cohn
Assoc Prof; Dir of Forensics (Head Pirate)

Jordie Smith 
Assistant Prof; Dir of Forensics (Head Otter)
(254) 350-0119

  • Fri 10/07/22 12:00 pm Central
    Start registration (schools can begin registering competitors and judges)