Welcome to the home page for the 2021 RAFL #6 tournament hosted by RAFL on Feb 12-13, 2021 for College students.

Status: Tournament Completed


Awards Part One is HERE 

PART THREE A Correction :-)

Awards Part Two is HERE


Raffle Prize Results


Raffle #1 RESULTS

Raffle #2 RESULTS


Raffle #3 RESULTS

Raffle #4 RESULTS

Raffle #5 RESULTS

Raffle #6 RESULTS


Up to date invitation HERE


Hired Judges can Sign Up HERE.


Please log on Friday (10:15am-10:45am) and Saturday (8:15am - 8:45am) to confirm your entry. Registration Room HERE


Opening Video-PLEASE WATCH (all judges/students/coaches). All Students/Judge/Coaches should watch this video before the tournament. Opening Video HERE


Debate and Time Signals

Watch THIS video before your Debate, Impromptu, or Extemporaneous Speaking round. 


Duo Waiting Room
Procedures HERE
Waiting Room HERE



Judges on Standby should wait in THIS room.  You will get an email when standbys are released.
Judges can hang out in this room and chat at any time. If you are not able to wait in this room, just keep your email open and your cell phone handy. If we need to use you as a standby we will reach out.

Sample Ballot

Try out a sample eBallot ahead of time. 


Team Room

You can create your own room. Begin with    https://8x8.vc/
Add Your team name bestschoolever
Add a 10 digit random number


This room will be live to use for your warmups and such.

It’s that easy.  The room will be live for you to use all season.

Contact a member of the tab staff if you need help.


Student Lounge
Come hang out and socialize before and after rounds.


Ext/IPDA Prep
Prep Room HERE

Students should report to this room at the designated prep times.
Extemp Prep Jeff R 773-802-2658
IPDA Prep Harry 630-743-1973


Help Room

Students/Coaches/Judges can drop into this room for help.
Text For HELP 

John 773-3182460
Jeff 847-567-2512
Tim 217-549-1970
Kacy 630-901-6900



Please share with students, judges, and coaches.


Look Over These Guideshttps://forensicstournament.net/online


If you are having Connection Issues

1. Use a different browser (Firefox and Chrome work best).  Make sure you are in ONE room at a time.

2. Reboot your computer

3. Make sure your mic, camera, and speaker settings are operational

4. If you are using a tablet or phone us the 8x8meet APP instead of a browser

5. Test your internet.  You need a minimum of 6mbps. https://www.speedtest.net

6.  Seek help in the help room


Tablet Users may want to use the "8x8 Meet" App.  When possible, PC/Laptops will be more effective than tablets and phones. However, if you have unstable internet at any point the "8x8 Meet" App is a great alternative.

"POSTINGS" are left of here.  Room and Ballot Links will be emailed to judges, students, and coaches 15 minutes before rounds.  In order to avoid "8x8 bombing," we cannot post the room URLs publicly. Tab Staff can also share a room with you.


Observers- Once emails (postings/rounds) go out, students/coaches can share their room-link with teammates.  Observers are welcome to observe.  Mics off, please. In order to avoid "8x8 bombing," we cannot post the room URLs publicly. Tab Staff can also share a room with you.


Private Messages- Students, please do not PM with each other in the 8x8 rooms during speeches.


Email-v-Text-- We have found that it's better to mark each of your judges and students as receiving their ballots through email instead of text.  You can make these choices on your student roster and judge roster.


Empty Room- If you or one of your students is sitting ALONE AND ONTIME in an empty 8 x 8 room something is wrong. Jump into the help room.