Welcome to the home page for the 2020 ProtoCommunications' Asynchronous Fall Forensics Tournament tournament hosted by ProtoCommunications on Nov 18-5, 2020 for College students.

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Asynchronous Fall Forensics Tournament

Hosted by ProtoCommunications





November 18th - December 16, 2020

On behalf of ProtoCommunications, and in collaboration with ForensicsTournament.net (FTN), we are pleased to invite you and your forensics team to the Asynchronous Fall Forensics Tournament! We are also using this invitation as an opportunity to announce an internship that will be paid by the fees of this very tournament.

At the end of last season, when the Coronavirus swept through the world, we at ProtoCommunications took it up ourselves to host an Individual Events tournament. We registered 85 events, from 13 colleges, and 4 different states. We learned a lot about the hidden labor that makes an asynchronous tournament.


In our previous invitation, we advocated that forensics is more than meeting together for tournaments. It is about sharing ideas. Professionalism. Credibility. ProtoCommunications would again like to offer our experience and resources to host a full-service tournament for all speech events. For the first tournament, we reimagined how individual events could be performed, judged, tabbed, and awarded. We believe that our approach is a unique, and appropriate addition to the world of competitive forensics.


Watch the Spring Asynchronous Award Winning Speeches

Watch The Spring Asynchronous Awards Ceremony


You will find all of the information needed to enter your team in the tournament in the attached Tournament Invite. For a complete description of tournament events, please refer to the current Constitution and By-laws of your respective forensics association.


For questions, email contact@protocommunications.com


We look forward to seeing more of your incredible work!

-The ProtoCommunications Team